King of Twitter, Donald Trump, considers banning journalists from White House. CNN, channel featuring mafia Bishop of Volos, singled out for fake news

Donald Trump’s advisors say he is considering banning mainstream journalists altogether from the White House. The move comes as Trump has continues to communicate directly with the US public using twitter and the social media.

At the press conference in Trump Tower, Trump refused to take a question from CNN’s White House correspondent Jim Acosta, dismissing the reporter on the grounds that he and the network produce “fake news.”

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan for refusing to talk to a CNN reporter at his first media briefing in six months.

But it is precisely because CNN is the ultimate purveyor of fake news that the Bishop of Volos recently made an appearance on this channel.

If ever there was a a “fake” bishop, then the Bishop of Volos must be a candidate. He has enabled the monstrous criminal Abbess Theodekti to make multiple murder attempts against me with impunity on account of my journalism activities and to cover them up.

In her latest escapade, Theodekti has been caught lying in a civil case, I believe under a civil oath, about her crimes. She has also obviously pressured two people dependent on her to commit perjury and repeat her lies under oath.

What are the Bishop of Volos and Theodekti planning next? Another murder attempt soon? Likely, given their record and all the evidence against them.

Lock the Bishop of Volos up!

Drain the swamp! Jail Theodekti, the Bishops of Volos and Ieronymos.

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