Globalist Erwin Proell to retire in Austria. Will Mikl Leitner succeed him and close the country’s borders?

One of Austria’s most powerful politicians, the Governor of Lower Austria, Erwin Proell, has said he will retire in March after 25 years in a move which could signal the start of seismic political change in Austria.

Proell’s private foundation has come under the spot light for the amount of money it has received from taxes.

Proell made Wolfgang Sobotka Interior Minister just before the Austrian presidential elections in May 2016. The country’s constitutional court ordered the elections to be re run due to fraud. The re run had to be postponed over fears of more fraud due to glue less envelopes. The election was finally stolen by Globalist candidate Alexander van der bellen on December 4th as a Euronews live stream video of the results in real time shows.

Proell has been called the secret ruler of Austria along with Vienna mayor Michael Haupl and Globalist Cardinal Christoph Schonborn, tipped to be the next Pope.

The news he is set to retire comes amid a battle for control of the conservative party, the OVP, between the anti Globalists under Sebastian Kurz and the Globalists under Reinhold Mitterlehner.

If anti Globalist Johanna Mikl Leitner is appointed Proell’s successor, it will be a sign that Austria could soon finally close its borders to an unprecedented influx of migrants continuing to pour into the country.

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