A pivotal moment in the world’s history today. The swearing in of Donald Trump as President of the USA will take place in a rainy Washington in about an hour.

Trump’s motorcade is on its way to Capitol Hill where George and Laura Bush as well as Bill and Hillary Clinton are already waiting.

Trump’s inauguration presents a shift in the balance of power away from the corporate, private bankers to the people.

The Illiad has a striking image of Zeus holding up in heaven his golden balance of scales and weighing the central events of the war, including the fight  between Achilles and Hector.


Before they meet in the final stage of single combat, Zeus weighs the fates of Hektor and Achilleus in a scale. The heavier fate, Hektor, is the looser. His weight moves in the direction of the underworld, downward to death, and Hektor is killed by Achilleus. Achilleus is helped by the goddess Athena.

The incredible image of Zeus holding up in heaven his golden balance of scales and weighing events could also be used to show Trump’s triumph over loosers like George Soros.

Still, it remains to be seen how much Trump actually delivers, especially in relation to reigning in the private banks and Federal Reserve. His team has been infilitrated by the establishment. Goldman Sachs banker and foreclosure king Steven Mnuchin is set to become the new Treasury Secretary. Greek American Reince Pierbus, his chief of staff, is another plant steering the Trump administration towards the rocks.

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