A poem for Gunthilde Schmidt, dear friend and vaccine damage campaigner, taken to hospital in Vienna

One of my dearest friends and biggest supporters of this blog and my battle every day against the corrupt Greek clergy and justice officials, Gunthilde Schmidt, has had to go to hospital in Vienna after suffering a stroke.

Gunti is the mother of Florian, another of my dear friends, a wonderful, philosophical young man, who passed away recently due to vaccine injury.

I ask the readers of this blog to pray for Gunti and her family at this time, pray that she may see the fruits of her tremendous work to alert people to the dangers of vaccines as we enter a new  era of open information.

Whenever really good people cross our path in life, it is always something of a mystery, no? Why are some people pure, good, generous and true and others hard, cold and indifferent? At the end of the day, I believe it comes down to this. The presence of God in our lives. God gives us the strength to be good, to be honest, to be generous in spite of the culture of this world which is all about greed, selfishness and opportunism. And God is a mystery to us. The eternal life God gives us by His presence in our heart, His love is a mystery to us, but so real nonetheless.

A poem for Gunti


I looked up and saw
something which will always be
to me,
blue sky,
transparent, even,
yet always a mystery.

I looked up and saw
green leaves
waving to me,
yet always a mystery.

I looked around and saw
the supranatural power
of the human heart,
good and true,
always unknown
always a mystery.

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