George Soros admits Russia needs Europe to sell its gas, poses no threat

The world’s best known New World Order Globalist and reader of my blog George Soros has admitted that Russia poses no threat to Europe.

Soros told Bloomberg that Russia needs Europe as a market for its natural resources, specifically gas, albeit while couching his admission in cryptic language.

“I did overstate slightly the danger facing the Europe Union – namely that it is facing disintegration,” he said.

“That was a slight exaggeration because neither Putin nor China want Europe to disintegrate.

“Each have their own reasons – China needs Europe as a market, Putin needs Europe to provide the capacity to produce something because the Putin regime is only capable of exploiting natural resources,” Soros said.

A translation of Soros’ remark into plain English is that Putin needs Europe to PURCHASE something because the Putin regime produces natural resources such as gas. Gas needs a market to generate cash i.e. a market in Europe (pipelines present a geographical limitation to selling gas for Russia to continents other than Europe).

This blog has pointed out that Russia needs to sell its gas to Europe to generate revenue, and, therefore, cannot afford to invade Europe. Russia’s military strategy is defensive not offensive. It seeks to defends its borders.

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