Treasury Secretary nominee and former Goldman Sachs executive Steven Mnuchin said he would increase the size of the Internal Revenue Service during his confirmation hearing in another strong indication that Mnuchin is Globalist banker plant.

Mnuchin said: ‘I can assure you that the president-elect understands the concept of “we add people, we make money.”‘

He added: ‘That’s a very quick conversation with Donald Trump,’ Bloomberg reported. 

Well, if that’s true, Trump is in big trouble.

The reality is every tax dollar extracted from the American people is one dollar less for the real economy, especially if that money goes to service the interest on the gigantic debt of the USA, something which will send America into a Greek style debt death spiral.

Mnuchin should have told the truth to Trump. That is  “we add people to the IRS, we extract money for Wall Street and private banks, we crash the real economy, foreclose on homes and business, and you will be voted out of office for failing to deliver prosperity.”

The government does not need to make money, as Mnuchin says. It can issue money, as much as it likes, if the Federal Reserve is renationalized.

As this blog has pointed out, federal income taxes and the body to collect them, the “IRS”, were created in 1913 by the private bankers to pay for their stealth privatization of the money supply through their capture of the Federal Reserve that same year.

The solution is not to increase the IRS. The solution is to abolition the IRS and federal income taxes altogether, something that will be possible as soon as Americans no longer have to shoulder the enormous costs of a privatized system of money creation.

Trump needs to understand, he did not succeed as a property developer because of the private banks. He succeeded in spite of them. The banks gave him no money, nothing of value. They gave him loans created as book keeping entries. In return, they have extracted interest from him as explained by Vienna economics professor Franz Hoermann in an article in 2010.

A translation of his article “Banks create money out of thin air” on my blog has received tens of thousands of views. In fact, it may be one of my most viewed posts.

Hoermann, controlled opposition, does not give the full truth. He withholds, for ecample, information about the role of the central bank in enabling private banks to operate the fractional reserve banking system. he also obscures the identity of Jerome Daly, the US lawyer, who stopped the foreclosure of his property by pointing out that the banks did not lend him anything of value when they gave him a mortgage created as a book keeping entry. But Hoermann’s central argument is accurate, and Mnuchin knows it as a Goldman Sachs snake.

Apart from lying to Trump about the IRS, Mnuchin also lied to the Senate by withholding information about 100 million dollars of assets and his involvement in an offshore tax haven.

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