Are Donald Trump’s White House chief of staff Reince Pierbus and Greek advisor George Papadoulos on the George Soros blackmail list?

Panos Kammenos, Greece’s defence minister, who deliberately flooded Europe with migrants and Islamic terroritsts, has praised both Pierbus and Papadoulos as faithful minions of the New World Order after meeting them in Washington. Kammenos also asserted that the Trump team would support the Greek orthodox church.

The Greek Orthodox church is the instrument to assert the Globalist agenda in Greece, as my own case underlines.

Whether it is targeting journalists opposing George Soros for death, opening borders to flood Europea with Islamic radicalists, setting up a one world religion or draining Greece and Europe of its money, the Greek Orthodox church is at the forefront.

In a meeting before the inaugruation with Reince Priebus, who has Greek roots, as well as with Trump adviser George Papadopoulos, and also  Archbishop Demetrios of America, Kammenos said he expects the Greek Americans in the Trump administration to continue to promote the Globalist agenda.

Trump, Kammenos said, has “some very important Greek-Americans by his side who maintain their ties with our country, with Orthodoxy and with the Greek people. We are certain that when the time comes for them to help their homeland… they will do so do the best of their ability.”

Reading between the lines, that means that Pierbus and Papadoulos are George Soros minions and they may even be blackmailed.

After all, we all know in the meantime, how deep the involvement of another Greek American John Podesta in the paedophile scandal of Comet Pizza is.

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