John Kelly told the Military Times, “The one thing I was always told is you absolutely have to tell truth to power … the decision makers have got to have ground truth,” adding that, “Otherwise, the decisions they make could be flawed — and that can be dangerous.”

Currently, we have a deficit in “ground truth” and accurate information. Vital subjects such as real world economics are not accurately explained by the controlled media, leading to flawed decisions.

The fact, for example, that the head of the private Federal Reserve, Janet Yellen, dares to annoucne a plan to raise interest rates to 3 to 4% in the middle of a stagnant economy (at best) is a sign of just how dangerous the deficit in information about how the economy really works is.

Let’s do some simple calculations. Someone owing 200,000 dollars in loans (mortgage, car, student and credit card loans) and earning, say, 25,000 dollars will have to pay an extra 2,000 dollars for every one per centage point interest rate increase to the banks. That man or woman will have to pay 8000 dollars if the interest rate rises to 4 %. That is about a third of their income. A massive foreclosure wave is inevitable as people cannot keep up their mortgage payments. 200,000 dollar debt for someone earning 25,000 dollars is probably pretty typical.

A third of disposable income could be diverted to the banks from the real economy, sending unemployment soaring, if Yellen raises interest rates.

Trump should calculate what that will do to his business empire. The Trump group could soon find their revenues shrinking and their obligations to the banks soaring.

Yellen and Trump’s Treasury pick, so called, foreclosure king. Steven Mnuchin are engineering a recession through high interest rates and a strong dollar.

Trump told the CIA he likes honest reporting. He needs honest reporting. He needs to know how the financial system works, how banks print money out of thin air and charge interest. He needs to know how to calculate the impact of interest rate rises on a given amount of debt and money supply. He needs to know these facts to understand that Yellen is engineering a recession for political reasons.

And he needs to know how to stop her also with arguments of economic data. After all Yellen is supposed to be independent and base her decisions on data. She isn’t.

Above all, he needs to understand why the new battle front needs to be renationalizing the Federal Reserve and returning the issuance of money to the government with inflation controls.

But it’s not just economics where there is a deficit of accurate information. Whether it’s vaccines or smart meters or GMO or other technologies there is a deficit of information. And its dangerous for people’s health.

Accurate information is not going to just appear without new information policies. There needs to be a plan on how to set up a new information architecture across a large number of rapidly developing fields and technologies. There needs to be a plan of how to give people the education and skills to analyze data and documents and how to communicate their insights.

My own case highlights the hopeless state of the honest journalist. While the Globalists expend a vast amount of time and resources trying to silence me, no resources are expended to protect me. Year after year after year, I have to soldier on with murder attempt after murder attempt on my own, moving from country to country.

That today, even although, my blog provided the analysis of the Ebola false flag in 2014 which played a vital role in stopping an engineered epidemic and mass vaccine campaign with a dangerous jab.

Everyone knows it. George Soros, my reader, knows it. They know the US intelligence community and military read my blog. And yet look how I am left to struggle day in, day out in Greece with no help at all. What does that say about the ability of America to protect its security or interests? It can’t detect a plan to flood it with Ebola and it can’t protect the journalist who does report on it. Double failure.

I am one of the last truly independent blogs left. Controlled opposition Infowars has monopolized the alternative media and used that monopoly to cut out competition. In 2017, there is hardly any independent media left as Alex Jones says. He says there are only two or three sources of information on the internet the intelligence and military turn to.

But when will the military and intelligence finally ask themselves why there is so little accurate information and develop a plan to address this deficit?

It’s time to move on from entertainer Alex Jones, who promoted the Ebola false flag hysteria in 2014, and put in place a plan to resurrect accurate a new era of information on the new media.

Jones’ agenda is to divide and rule, and now engineer confrontation now between the “dumbed down” leftists and Trump supporters.

Accurate information will also help unify the country around issues.

The Trump Team does not need so much to redefine their relationship with the media. It needs to create a new, real world, information driven media to meet the complex challenges of the 21st century.

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