Soros puppet Tsipras tries again to ignite confrontation with Turkey

Globalist Alexis Tsipras is fuelling a confrontation with Turkey by apparently instructing his Justice Minister to prepare to overturn a Supreme Court decision if judges decide to return eight Turkish soldiers accused of being part of a putsch.

“If the Supreme Court rules against their extradition, the decision will be regarded as final and cannot be challenged. If, however, it upholds Turkey’s request, then the final decision will rest with the Greek justice minister,” reports Ekathimerini.

To clarify, if the Supreme Court rules as Tsipras wants, their decision cannot be challenged. But if the court does not, their decision can be challenged by the justice minister, underlining the politicization of justice in Greece.

Talks on Cyprus had to be halted because Tsipras’ foreign minister Nikos Kotzia was so rude to everyone.

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