Workers in British factories paid slave wages to compete with China, and it’ll get worse under Theresa May’s new free China trade deal

From the Daily Mail

Workers in British factories are paid as little as £3 per hour to make clothes for high street stores including River Island and New Look, undercover footage suggests.

An investigation by Channel 4’s Dispatches will tonight expose Britain’s cheap clothing scandal, in which factory bosses in Leicester say they are in direct competition with Bangladesh and China.

An undercover reporter, named Belal, was paid less than half the national living wage in three factories, and filmed dangerous working conditions in one.


When working for Fashion Square Ltd, which makes clothes for River Island, the reporter was paid £3 per hour to pack and press dresses.

After he challenged his boss about why he was not being paid the national living wage of £7.20, the boss said: ‘We don’t get paid much for our clothes, and we need to compete with China and Bangladesh… If we pay everyone £10 or £6 then we will make a loss.’

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