ABC aired a promo for a show about a fictional president being shot during their interview with Donald Trump last night, underlining the need for Trump to take every precaution to secure his personal safety.

During the interview, the ABC interviewer rejected reality and facts to insist Trump had no basis for anything he said in one of the most bizarre interviews I have ever seen.

ABC minion David Muir ignored the fact that Trump has made it clear that Mexico will pay for the wall through tariffs as part of the NAFTA renegotations. Tariffs on foreign imports were, in fact, the main source of revenue for the US government, until 1913 when the Federal Reserve was privatized.

Muir ignored the many pictures that have emerged in the meantime, showing the huge crowds at Trump’s inauguration, which entered the arena slightly late because of security concerns and protestors.


He ignored the huge evidence of voter fraud, including three Project Veritas videos. He dismissed a Pew Study by claiming he had rung the author the night before and he had denied voter fraud, but the oral statement of the author, even if Muir conveyed it accurately, does not have the same weight as a study.

Naturally, ABC ignored the executive orders of Trump delivering on his election campaign promises in one of the most stupendous and dynamic starts to any presidency.

I actually admired Trump’s calm. If I had had to sit opposite a brazen liar like Muir acting like Big Brother out of the pages of George Orwell’s 1984, I would have got up and just left. The intention was clear. To de legimitize Trump and his presidency.

Orwell’s 1984 was based on the BBC but it could also be based on ABC, rejecting the notion of objective reality. The doubling down of the mainstream media on their lies is leading to a bifurcation of reality and the creation of parallel worlds. I think the ABC interview will go down as the Stalingrad moment of the mainstream media.

The German public was told by Josef Goebbels propaganda machine that the army would win at Stalingrad even after the entire sixth army was decimated and 600,000 men were captured by the Russians. At that point, the German public ceased to believe the Nazi propaganda. Up to them, it had been reasonably subtle mixing fact with fiction. The censorship of soldier’s letters home contributed to the propaganda. But there came a point when the propaganda and reality diverged so much that the people finally recognized the lies and rejected them.



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