Donald Trump has accomplished a phenomenal amount in his first week in office, installing key members of his cabinet, and issuing a string of executive orders that have the backing of the Republican Party and voters, and so will soon be law.

He has issued executive orders on Obamacare, building a wall with Mexico, pipelines, better vetting of Islamic terrorists and rebuilding the military.

In addition, he has accelerated efforts to bring back manufacturing to the USA, deepen ties to Brexit Britain, and remake foreign policy after puring the State Department of the  the highest ranking Globalist operatives, who have helped orchestrate 9 11, NATO wars, and the colour revolution in the Ukraine.

But the economic storm clouds are gathering with growth slowing.

Gross domestic product expanded at a 1.9% from October to December, the Commerce Department said. That’s a marked drop from a 3.5% growth rate in the third quarter and below the 2.2% MarketWatch-compiled consensus.

Also, the current stock market rally could be an inside job setting Trump for a sudden spectacular, bust if the Fed Reserve manages to send interest rates up to 3 or 4%.

With the total financial debt in the US system now many times larger than the actual GDP or real economy, even a small increase in interest rates could translate into the loss of as much as half the disposable income of Americans. Many seem to be overleveraged by 10 times their actual income.

Trump can get liquidity into the economy without raising debt by issuing debt free notes as John F Kennedy did (before he was assasinated)

Kennedy issued United States Notes, a fiat currency, but issued by the Treasury, but without any payments to the Federal Reserve.

One note in circulation was a $1 Silver Certificates . Someone could actually exchange a certificate at a bank for a silver dollar coin.

The silver certificates had blue seals as pictured above.

The silver dollar was based on the Austrian Thaler.

The worthless Federal Reserve Notes have green seals.

There are those who say that “The power of the Fed” was a factor in the decision to assassinate J F Kennedy.

As soon as he was assasinated, his debt free notes were taken out of circulation and his executive order allowing the Treasury to print debt free money was discontinued.

In Oliver Stone’s film Jim Garrison asks Colonel Prouty (Man X) why Kennedy was assasinated….
conversation of Garrison and Man X in Washington in Stone’s movie “JFK”?

Jim Garrison also asks, “How do you think it all started?”

Man X (Prouty) responds, ” I think it startedi n the wind. Money — arms, big oil, Pentagon people, contractors, bankers, politicians like L.B.J. were committed to a war in Southeast Asia. As early as ’61 they knew Kennedy was going to change things… He was not going to war in Southeast Asia. Who knows? Probably some boardroom or luncheon somewhere – Houston, New York — hell, maybe Bonn, Germany… who knows, it’s international now.”

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