Knights of Malta have their own currency, the Soldo, underlining how simple and flexible currencies can be, how easy to stop meltdown of US economy by a few changes to issuance of dollar

The Knights of Malta have their own currency, the Soldo, reports Der Standard, underlining just how much flexibility Donald Trump has in creating a US dollar which suits his purposes, namely,  debt free legal tender.

John F Kennedy issued debt free money through the Treasury to circumvent the payments due for money issued by the Federal Reserve. But after his assassination, his debt free notes and executive orders were discontinued, underlining just how dangerous it is to seek to deprive Wall Street of its huge profits obtained essentailly by deception fraud.

Der Standard’s report covers the rebllion of the Knights of Malta, a Catholic order, against the Globalist Pope Francis and one of his minions, Alfred von Boselager, a close relative of Globalist Karl Theodor zu Guttenberg.

Der Standard reports only on the side lines that the Knights of Malta print their own postage stamps and Soldo coins, the medieval Catholic order’s equivalent of Bitcoins.

It is not clear from the article if the Soldo is a private currency issued by a private bank with interest or a coin issued by the order as service to facilitate trade and exchange between its members.

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