Dear readers, I’m going to introduce a paywall for some of my online content.

Visitors to the blog will be required to pay a subscription fee to access some content.

They can email me at to arrange payment.

The fee will be based on the reader’s income. It will be just 0.01%, using the honour system.

For anyone with an income of under 10,000 euros or dollars a month, access will cost just €10.

Those with incomes of 20,000 will be asked to pay €20 a month and so…

George Soros, proven and avid reader of my blog, who copies and mirrors my posts within 24 hours, will also be required to pay 0.01% of his fortune to keep reading my blog.

Since he has about 30 billion, that will be about 30 million a month, small change to him.

I do not, however, expect that Soros will adhere to the honour system. I expect he will find some way of circumventing it.

But other readers are invited to adhere to the honour system to continue to access all of the content of this blog.

It is a matter of honour , after all, to make a fair contribution to cover the costs of generating vital information which has saved many of the reader’s live as well as millions of other lives. But it also a matter of common sense. No support, no more information.

Governments and corporations can also subscribe to this blog at a fee of €500 a month.

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