It is no accident that Goldman Sachs have planted into the Treasury the “foreclosure king” Steven Mnuchin. If the Federal Reserve and Wall Street go ahead with even small hikes in interest or their plans to sell vast amounts of mortgage securities and shrink treasury bonds, there will be a massive wave of new home foreclosures and an gigantic economic depression. Voters will turn against Donald Trump.

Wall Street will foreclose on the USA, and likely on the Trump hotel empire, something that may even end up in the hands of his son in law, Jared Kushner, who seems to have excellent relations to banks and can likely rely on secure credit lines.

Trump should use the opportunity that Mnuchin’s own lies during the Senate Confirmation hearing provide to drop him. Mnuchin’s lied about his assets, and then claimed, he did not realize he was being asked to disclose all his assets (the form was so complicated). Crooked Mnuchin! Drain the swamp, means draining that alligator.

And making the American economy great again, means reigning in Goldman Sachs and the Fed.

From Fox News

Mnuchin clashed with Democrats during a lengthy confirmation hearing on Jan. 19. He was accused of failing to protect thousands of homeowners from unnecessary foreclosures when he headed OneWest bank and for failing to disclose nearly $100 million in assets on forms he filed with the committee.

Mnuchin called his failure to disclose assets an oversight. He said he was proud of his tenure at OneWest, saying he had worked to protect as many homeowners as possible from losing their homes to foreclosure.

Opponents of Mnuchin’s nomination have been running ads in states which were hit hard by foreclosures during the housing crisis in an effort to bring pressure on Republicans to join Democrats in opposing Mnuchin’s nomination.

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