Vlad, the cad?

February 22, 2017

Russian President Vladimir Putin is reported to have amassed as much as 200 billion dollars from his control of oil and gas assets, says the Daily Mail.

It wouldn’t surprise me if  Putin and his band of oligarchs drain off half of all the revenue from oil and gas for their personal use. Mind you, that would be better than the nineties neocon oligarchs, who took all of it.


Russia does not have a strongly developed domestic industry and with the private Russian central bank imposing punishing interest rates of 10% plus, it is not going to ever develop one either, leaving the average Russian pretty tough life.

But at least, Vlad, the luxury loving spendthrift, does not give his people damaging vaccines, GMO foods or other soft kill weapons. He simply has too few of them left after the ravages of the neocon oligarchs may have wiped out around a third of the population.

Age-adjusted mortality in Russia rose by almost 33% between 1990 and 1994. During that period, life expectancy for Russian men and women declined dramatically from 63.8 and 74.4 years to 57.7 and 71.2 years, respectively.


Believe me when I say the Russian oligarchs and their families are a pretty nasty lot.

I know one architect in Vienna who built a gold plated palace for an oligarch only to find the oligarch refuse to pay her. She took him to court only to be warned she might not live. She took him to court anyway and won and the oligarch paid up, a pittance for him.

Another elderly teacher asked to be paid for teaching the two small children of an oligarch after six months. He took a gun out of desk and pointed it at her.  She never received her payment.

And those are just some stories…

But that does not mean to say I think an engineered world war three with Russia on behalf of George Soros and other Globalists is a good idea.



February 22, 2017

Today Infowars investigative journalist Jerome Corsi met with former vice-head of Armed Services Committee and the House Homeland Security Committee, Curt Weldon, to discuss his committees’ deep research into the Clinton technology transfers to Russia in exchange for Clinton Foundation donations.  Weldon validated much that is presented in the following article, which is part one of a series of investigative articles coming out over the upcoming week based on intel by Weldon and other sources:

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congress may want to examine concrete evidence showing Russian President Vladimir Putin paying Hillary Clinton and John Podesta for a long time before the mainstream media goes even more overboard trying to fabricate a tie between Putin and President Donald Trump.
The money trail hunt begins with a document Infowars has obtained from the Russian Central Bank “Registry of Significant Control,” known generally as the “RSC Registry.”
This document traces the ownership of Metcombank, a relatively small Russian-domiciled bank located in the Russian Ural Mountains, to ownership by Viktor Vekselberg, a Russian billionaire with close ties to Putin.
As we shall see this document provides evidence of the circuitous path the Russian government has been using since Hillary Clinton was secretary of state to make large financial payments to John Podesta and to the Clinton Foundation.


Shadow globalist president Steve Bannon may be removed from national security council

February 22, 2017


From Foxnews

White House press secretary Sean Spicer said Tuesday that if President Donald Trump’s newly appointed national security adviser wanted to remove chief strategist Steve Bannon from the National Security Council’s principals committee, the president would “take that under serious consideration.”

“The president has made clear to him he’s got full authority to structure the national security team the way he wants,” Spicer said of Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster, whom Trump appointed Monday as his new national security adviser. Spicer made the remarks in the daily White House press briefing.



McMaster admits USA lacks strategy for dealing with today’s threats. Why?

February 22, 2017


The new National Security Advisor General HR McMaster recently told cadets that the United States confronts a range of enemies but lacks the strategic competence to deal with them. He shows an admirable frankness.


If I may venture a thought, the lack of competence is largely due to the fact that US military is still thinking in the compartmentalized terms given to them by the Globalist system and media such as “states” and “revisonist states”.

In a similar way, most people are totally confused about, say, how the financial system works. They have no clue why JFK’s issuance of debt free Treasury bills was such a vital step to restoring prosperity to the USA, no idea why Wall Street and the private Fed Reserve assassinated him for it.

This is because most people, even economists and bankers are still thinking in the terms that were given to them by the very same educational and media system that has been built by the Globalists precisely to hide the source of their power and wealth and to prevent lateral, creative thinking.

Yet, if the USA does not restore prosperity, it cannot rebuild the military. So understanding how the financial system and economy really work should be a priority for the US military. I personally have not heard of one study or article on the fractional reserve banking system in any US military publication. The assumption is the Treasury and the Federal Reserve are serving the US people’s interests, when the opposite is the case. Also, the  modern fractional reserve banking system makes economic collapse inevitable. It cannot, therefore, be ignored.

It is no accident that JF Kennedy, a lateral thinker, taking an interest in the Treasury and Fed, was also the one who spoke out about a “monolithic and ruthless conspiracy”. It was the one which eventually killed him precisely because he did not stay in his box, and just sign off on the Treasury papers handed to him by self serving Wall Street bankers.

Most US military personnel do not challenge the Globalist agenda. They have unwittingly furthered its aims. Because they have stayed within their lanes, they have not encoungered the “monolithic and ruthless conspiracy”, and probably think it does not exist in spite of JFK’s remarks.

“In one of many acknowledgments of the limits of human understanding, McMaster admits that the United States lacks a grand strategy to approach these threats. Confusion on the matter runs deep.”

The USA lacks a grand strategy to approach threats because it is is dealing not primarily with threats from individual states. It is dealing with a Global “monolithic and ruthless conspiracy”.

It is dealing with a trans national or supra national corporate and banking cartel aiming to install a one world government. This supra national group can hijack states for its ends.

For example, Greece, Albania, Macedonia and the Ukraine have all been hijacked to serve the ends not of the people living in them but of the Globalists, and through infilitrated US embassies. Wars are fomented for geopolitical reasons by the Globalists. It controls the mainstream media and much of the alternative media and so the flow of information to populations, including the military.

Supranational entities such as the EU, UN etc are created not to further democracy, freedom and peace. They are the the models of Max Weber’s totalitarian bureaucracies that are erected over sovereign countries for control. They introduce regional currencies to serve as the building blocs designed to one day be fitted together to form a one world currency, a one world bank and a one world government.

The Globalists also pursue population reduction,
using nefarious means, such as bioterrorism and vaccines. This is delivered to target populations by supranational bureaucracies like WHO while the mainstream media spreads a wall of confusion.

“Rather than recognizing the interactive nature of the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya, for example, our strategies were based mainly on how we would prefer to fight,” he said. “We announce publicly, often years in advance, how we intend to limit our level of effort.”

The US military strategies are based mainly on how the generals would prefer to fight, and not how they must fight to protect America. Let’s be frank and say that fighting an enemy on a battle field is perferable to fighting a “monolithic and ruthless conspiracy”. The one is clear cut and does not require that much reflection or thought. The other is uncertain, complex, constantly changing, and, therefore, more threatening.

The generals have self limited their level of effort and knowledge by refusing to consider what virtually every second American, in the meantime, now knows to be true. That there is a Globalist shadow government. There is a “monolithic and ruthless conspiracy.”

“Most important to regaining strategic competence, McMaster underscored, is “knowing ourselves” and the enemy: understanding the ultimate end of a conflict, the means necessary to achieve it, and America’s values. This knowledge will give America the will to prevail.”

To know themselves, the generals must acknowledge that they have spent most of their careers in a comfort zone where there may be confusion on the battle field, but on the parade grounds, bootcamps and in the text books all is clear. They receive their orders, work their way up the ranks, are given ever greater assignments in the system and get medals.

But now that US military system has to be reformed to accomodate at least the hypothetical possibility that there is a “monolithic and ruthless conspiracy” to enable the top brass to gather intelligence about it and formulate strategies to counter it. Not least to be in tune with the population, who have awoken to it faster than the static, military institutions.


Cornered Trump picks General H R McMaster as National Security Adviser as calls grow for Steve Bannon to be eliminated

February 21, 2017


Donald  Trump announced yesterday that Lieutenant General Herbert Raymond McMaster, an ally of General James Mattis and David Petraeus, would be his new national security adviser.

Keith Kellogg, a retired U.S. Army General who has been serving as the acting national security adviser, will remain chief of staff to the National Security Council.


It is not clear if McMaster will be able to bring in his own staff.

Specifically, it is not clear if he can get rid of Steve Bannon and the people appointed by Michael Flynn.

A remarkable cross party consensus is emerging that Bannon and his pack are a menace.

Former Obama national security adviser Susan E. Rice on Monday urged McMaster to get rid of a national security wing led by presidential strategist Stephen Bannon.

“Hope you will be able to choose your team, have direct reporting and daily access to POTUS, and can eliminate Strategic Initiatives Group,” Ms. Rice wrote on Twitter.


Fascist fashion icon Milo caught defending paedophilia. The axe for the Breitbart editor?

February 21, 2017

Breitbart ‘plans to fire senior editor Milo Yiannopoulos’ over ‘pro-paedophilia’ video footage

Breitbart is reportedly planning to fire their senior editor Milo Yiannopoulos over apparently pro-paedophilia remarks he made in a newly surfaced podcast.

Mr Yiannopoulos, a vocal Donald Trump supporter who rose to fame for his far-right views, has sparked outrage since footage emerged of him appearing to endorse sexual relationships between “younger boys and older men”.

The “alt-right” figurehead, who was permanently banned from Twitter in July after claims he helped lead the racist and sexist abuse of Ghostbusters actor Leslie Jones, has had his book deal with publisher Simon & Schuster pulled in the wake of the remarks. He has also been dropped from speaking at the prestigious Conservative Political Action (CPAC) conference, which will feature President Trump and Vice-President Mike Pence, in Maryland next week.


Alex Jones has come out and tried to defend Milo for his remarks. Unacceptable.

Milo is clearly implying in the tape that its okay for an adult of 25 to 28 years old to take advantage of a boy of 13 years old in an emotionally needy state to obtain sex. Reading between the lines, he has done it himself and he may be trying to justify it.

Now, I get just how hard it can be for gay men like Milo to obtain sex.  When I visited the island of Patmos, I was told by a credible local that some of the monks (he estimated 10%) belonging to the monastery of St John paid young men on the island for gay sex in cars.

The person told me the monks couldn’t get anyone to sleep with them of their free will. He had also rejected their advances as a young man. Because there was no one willing to have sex with them, they had to pay large amounts of money to young men, exploiting the poorer sections of the island population for their physical satisfaction.

Whether someone is poor in cash or poor in family support, the ruthless predatory exploitation of the monks and Milo is to be condemned.

By all means, adults should give love, support and money to young children. But they absolutely should not make sex with them a condition as Milo does, damaging their development. Our whole society depends on adults giving love to children unconditionally.

Milo is a walking example of a person who may have been damaged by paedophilia. A fascist style fashion icon (Hugo Boss made uniforms for the Nazis), he promotes hatred, division and intolerance…for everyone except paedophiles, it seems.

If Milo wants relationships with older gay men, he should go to Patmos where, it seems, there will be lots of monks over the age of consent willing to be his partners in return for emotional support and guidance. Leave small children alone!

Rex Tillerson fires George Soros’ shadow government at the State Department, shows “7th floor” big wigs the door. When will Geoffrey Pyatt be axed? Blocking my case against Soros in Greece?

February 20, 2017


Rex Tillerson, who has been sidelined by Donald Trump and his inner circle, has fired key employees associated with the “7th-floor group” at the State Department, a group which FBI documents identified as part of a “shadow government” that once intervened to protect Hillary Clinton from prosecution over her private email server, which she used to conduct state department business.


The other name used by the FBI for the shadow government is “the 7th-floor group”, referring to the fact that the diplomats pushing the Globalist agenda  are located on the State Department’s 7th floor.

The New York Post reports

“Staffers in the offices of deputy secretary of state for management and resources as well as counselor were shown the door Thursday, according to CBS News.

Many of those let go were on the building’s seventh floor — top-floor bigs — a symbolically important sign to the rest of the diplomatic corps that their new boss has different priorities than the last one.”

The firing of the group is proof that Tillerson is a patriot even as questions swirl about Trump, who has placed him at the state deparment with virtually no support.

The US state deparment has been transformed by the Globalists into a crucial arm of their empire.

The US embassies in Macedonia and Albania have recently come into focus for the role they play in supporting George Soros, his foundations and agenda, and in crushing his opponents.

US lawmakers are probing the role of the US mission to Macedonia to paying millions to Soros’ Open Society Foundations as part of a broader concern that the U.S. Embassy has been taking sides in party politics.


US ambassador to Albania David Lu, linked to Soros, has been accused of helping to destablize the country by crushing opposition to Soros.


Geoffrey Pyatt, current ambassador to Greece, is also closely linked to the Globalist agenda. His boss Victoria Nuland was fired almost immediately.

I hope he is kicked out very soon as I have good reason to believe he may be interfering in my case against George Soros and Alexis Tsipras by jamming the operation of justice.