Who is more evil? Soros, Oprah or Theodekti? A philosophical approach to solving the question with the help of ancient chanting monks

Who is more evil?

Proven reader of my blog George Soros, who attended the same meeting in New York with Oprah Winfrey where population reduction was apparently discussed, and who became, evidence suggests, an active force in one of the most evil plans ever. Starting a false flag Ebola outbreak in Africa to justify injecting virtually the entire population of the world with a Merck vaccine that a Lancet study actually states gives people Ebola is surely pure evil. Using misinformation from the controlled media to camouflage this hideous agenda, adds another dimension to this Satanic evil.

Or is Oprah Winfrey more evil for apparently doing nothing to oppose these vile population reduction plans which were presumably discussed at the secretive meeting?

Or is Theodekti even more evil for targeting a journalist for death on behalf of this evil group, knowing that it was not just a crime in itself but a crime against humanity. I was the only one covering this Ebola false flag in 2014 and 2015 and I was making a difference. I appear to have had a role in having the Saatchi Bill blocked at the last moment in February 2015, which opened the door to Ebola vaccines and an Ebola outbreak in the UK, which could have spread to the rest of the world.

Personally, I think Theodekti is even more evil than George Soros and Oprah Winfrey.

Soros does not acknowledge the existence of any God. When he breaks every moral law, he is not contradicting his stated beliefs at least. Being evil is what he considers a part of making money. Oprah also does not break her stated beliefs. The God she acknowledges is a spiritual force without a clear moral, ethical or social dimension.
Theodekti, on the other hand, has contradicted her stated beliefs.  After all, she is the Abbess of a Greek Orthodox monastery.

Under Greek law, monasteries are granted special charters to pursue a Christian vocation. Yet, Theodekti’s evil actions contradict every law of Jesus Christ or anything resembling a Christian vocation. She has also shown no repentance. Instead, she has joined in two more attempts to silence me orchestrated by my other reader Alexis Tsipras supported, apparently now by George Soros puppet Geoffrey Pyatt, the new ambassador to Greece.

In her reply to the civil case to get my money back, Theodekti, supported by the Bishop of Volos in all her crimes, wrote a huge number verifiable lies and smears, showing, firstly, that she is a hardened criminal with no shame at all about lying brazenly in public, and, secondly, that she believes the Pyatt, Soros, Tsipras network will continue to shield her from every crime.

In addition, Theodekti pressured an essential witness, another nun, to tell a bunch of verifiable lies.

It could be argued that her superiors, the Bishop of Volos, Larissa, and Archbishop Ieronymos, are even more evil than Theodekti since they have held their protective hand over her.

Now, a lot of people have asked me why I think Theodekti did it.

The answer to me is clear. She does not believe in God. She believes in money and herself. She has erected a desolate wasteland of habit and routine instead of a monastery around her. God is a fictitious presence to her like a fairy tale. But claiming to believe in God and joining the powerful and wealthy Orthodox church gives her financial and social advantages.

Ever loyal to her principle of profit and me first, she even defines herself who God is.
She told me “God does not read blogs,” after she failed to dispatch me telling the witnesses in the corridor my blog was the cause of her de facto murder attempt.
God is whatever Theodekti wants him to be. He is an arch conservative reactionary who has no interest in blogs or the social media which has carried Donald Trump to victory and created Brexit. He likes ignorance. What happens in the world is of no interest to him unless it appears in the controlled media, which her brother Grigoris Vallianatos, incidentally, also works for. For the implication is that God does read other media other than blogs.

In fact, this is the God of Theodekti’s projection. She has no interest in anything except herself.

She never, for example, asked a question. She actually hated questions. I remember loaning one visitor a book about a Gospel which consisted mainly of questions and blank spaces to encourage people to think about passages and write their own ideas down. Unfortunately, she was caught reading this book by Theodekti who immediately took it away. Theodekti handed her, instead, a standard book The Orthodox Church by Kallistos Ware, a wonderful man, but it was a boring book filled with history, facts and figures about the institution. The visitor never read it and complained to me.

Though, Theodekti never asked questions, amazingly she knew all the answers. As part of monastery “life”, meals are often accompanied by readings of “holy books”. Theodekti would spend a long time after lunch giving her views on God, human beings and the world to the assembled nuns and myself. But since it was in Greek, I did not understand it. Perhaps not having to understand Theodekti’s endless monologues became a subconscious reason why I have been so reluctant to learn modern Greek quite apart from the fact I don’t have the time or energy dealing with all her crimes. Staying alive and getting a conviction instead of being murdered in Greece is very time consuming.

Having cheerfully imposed all these limits on her mental horizons, Theodekti was not in the least bit interested in getting to know who God really is in church either.

She passed in and out of church to participate in the often very long Greek Orthodox services without seeing anything of the depth and mystery of the presence of God. God disappeared wherever she went. Like an infinite regression, God receded in proportion to her approach, went out of reach whenever she touched an icon, went out of sight whenever she looked at a candle. God is not going to be where a black hearted criminal is, that is made clear by the Bible. There is a fine but real boundary that separates the two. He is not interested in a dynamic, flowing relationship with a egomaniac and a willing tool of Satan.

Now, there were some real believers in the monastery, creating parallel worlds. Multiple realities coexisted.

One experience, for example, that separated out the various members of the community was hearing the ancient monks chanting.

Before readers think I have gone crazy, about five or six nuns heard the long dead monks chanting in the ruins of their medieval monastery. And I also heard them. Yes, the spiritual can transcend all time and space.

Theodekti who walked past the old monastery to the stables thousands of times her mind filled with thoughts of profit, money, business, never heard the monks singing. If she had, she would probably only have begun calculating how she could have made money out of them by persuading them to give concerts. Is it any wonder that the monks did not reveal themselves to her or sing for her although she had a degree in music and a pitch perfect voice, at least when she was young?

And yes, the monks really did sing. It was the most magnificent, dynamic, life filled, harmonious chant I have ever heard. When I heard it, I, in fact, first felt real fear and started walking away very fast, but the singing was so charming, so welcoming that I stopped and looked back at the old ruins, where the skulls of the physical of  the monks had been kept, expecting to see dozens of real life monks.

But while they were audible to me, they remained invisible, hiding below the surface of things. Just because I did not see them, didn’t mean they didn’t exist and couldn’t make contact with me through song.  The grandeur of their music can’t be described in words. It was wonderful and unexpected world that became visible to me, a world of magic and beauty that knows no earthly limitations.

Because some of the other nuns, including Theoktisti, had heard the monks singing too, I told her about my experience. She understood. Theodekti didn’t understand but she accepted it was a real phenomena because others had experienced it.
Also, many people came to the monastery telling of supranatural phenomena. One woman came out of the blue saying she had been in her flat in Larisa and had seen a light appear. She decided to follow the light. She got into her car and followed the light all the way up the mountain to the monastery and into the church where there was an ancient icon. That’s where the light stopped.

This perfectly normal, regular woman from Larisa never came again. So Theodekti accepted that there was a supranatural power joined to our world, able to act as an agent, send signs. But it did not arouse any real interest in her. At least, not enough to displace the thought of money.

Anyway, the point is there are multiple realities, parallel worlds, gradations, the tiny, limited world of the truly evil and greedy Soros and Theodekti and the more expansive, magical world of Oprah Winfrey, and the glorious  objective truth of God, who gives us infinite life but who imposes rules on his relationships with us. One rule is we have to respect Him and what He says or has said through Jesus Christ and the Bible. Ideally, we should love him, but at the very least, we should show Him respect to get closer to Him.

Theodekti has done many terrible things. But through all of them it is her total disrespect for God, for humanity, for truth which is clear. Years in the monastery and all that comes out of this is a low brow criminal who makes the Italian mafia bosses look like saints because of her own attitude.

Lock her up before she makes her next murder attempt together with her cronies Pyatt, Tsipras and Soros!


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