Is Trump being let down by his staff, especially Steve Bannon?

New Jersey governor Chris Christie has said that Donald Trump is being let down by his team. I agree.

Mr. Christie, who agrees in principle with the broad strokes of Mr. Trump’s immigration policy, says the president has been let down by his staff.

“The president deserves better than the rollout he got on the immigration executive order,” Mr. Christie said. “The fact is that he’s put forward a policy that, in my opinion, is significantly more effective than what he had proposed during the campaign, yet because of the botched implementation, they allowed his opponents to attack him by calling it a Muslim ban,” he told the New York Times.

I agree. Trump is being let down by staff like Steve Bannon, another former Goldman Sachs banker, Mike Pence, Jared Kushner and Reince Pierbus who do not brief him correctly about how to get the economy booming, but leave him prey to bankster lobbyists, who put him in a position where he seems frequently to vacillate and change policy, when he is in fact very decisive, and who direct him to the dying mainstream media instead of the new media, where his voters are.

Bannon actually dared tell the Homeland security chief to break the law and refuse people entry with Green cards, something Bannon must have known would be a gift for Trump’s enemies. Bannon’s out of control actions are making Trump look authoritarian, confused and inconsistent.

With all respect to Bannon, Breitbart is a virtually fact free form of media. Bannon has barely touched the key issue of renationalizing the Federal Reserve, for example.  The classic Breitbart journalist is Milo who is a purveyor of trendy fashion and opinions, not facts.

Trump aide Kellyanne Conway is excellent, articulate, in tune with the real world Trump voters. But she is also not a professional journalist, used to researching fact based articles even if she had the time. But Trump cannot form consistent opinions and good policies without the right information. He needs accurate briefings. He should focus on ACTIONS to make America great again, not on opinions, certainly not the opinions of the media.

He should focus on systematically collecting data on how much more or less money  his average voter has in their pockets every month, how much companies are investing, what they expect to earn, whether the Fed will hike interest rates, whether it will stop QE and buying US debt etc

Bannon and Trump’s staff have failed to give him the support he needs. But so have the generals and billionaires. The generals would never conduct a war in such a chaotic manner without properly trained staff, accurate information and a long term plan. So why do they think reviving America will be different? If America does not revive and become solvent, how can it secure its national security or borders? Where is the long term, coherent, fact based plan to make America great again? Why is Trump left to make so many decision on an ad hoc basis surrounded by such self serving figures without a proper strategy discussion, information briefs and professional channels of communication to his voters?



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