A South American farming company backed by investors including George Soros aims to sell grain to Mexico and oust US farmers, undermining Donald Trump as he grapples with NAFTA negotiations and tariffs, it has emerged.

“The US last year sold $17.7bn worth of agricultural products to Mexico, the top destination for American corn, rice and dairy exports. Mexico buys 98 per cent of its corn imports from the US, according to International Trade Centre calculations,” says the FT.

“Most states in the US Midwestern farm belt voted for Mr Trump. Yet the agriculture sector has fretted over his trade policies, sending him a letter that noted the “industry — and the rural communities that depend on it — relies heavily on export markets to sustain prices and revenues”. Cargill’s chief executive last week warned against new curbs on global trade.

Where is the Trump counter attack plan? Where is the plan to put tariffs on all food imports to ensure farmers can sell more corn and rice in the USA? Or to award huge food contracts based on corn to farmers to supply the US army or federal agencies? Or find new export markets for corn? Or stop Soros from selling to Mexico by putting up bureaucratic hurdles?

The Pentagon needs to wise up to the real enemies of the USA and work out a strategy for economic and financial warfare.


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