Just a few weeks ago, Wall Street banks were busy boosting their profit forecasts, but they seem to have suddenly grown worried that their plan to fleece America under Donald Trump have run aground.

Goldman Sachs economists wrote in a monthly analysis note obtained by Bloomberg. “One month into the year, the balance of risks is somewhat less positive in our view.”

Goldman Sachs and Wall Streets were looking forward to a greater US debt due to ill judged fiscal stimulus measures, a series of interest rate hikes by Federal Reserve (directly through Fed funds or indirectly by stopping QE and even selling Treasury bonds) would give them a windfall of profits as well as mouth watering opportunities to foreclose. Consumers were set to find themselves having to pay about half of their disposable income to banks to cover the interest rate rises.

Added to the heady mix, was a predicted stock market crash when companies, whose shares have soared to new highs, suddenly failed to meet revenue targets.

Another upside Goldman Sachs must have relished was that the political fallout of the biggest financial crash in US history, sending shock waves throughout the world. The crash would finally remove that tiresome and most formidable proponent of the interests of the American people to have emerged in decades, Donald Trump, and it would reopen the door for one of their puppets like Hilary Clinton to become president again. She could oversee the descent of the USA into a debt death spiral, created by ever growing interest payments paid for by austerity cuts to the real economy.

As the real economy shrinks, as tax revenue decreases, taxes must increase to pay for the ever growing mountain of interest,  leading to the real economy to shrink yet more in a downward circle, whose mathematical and inevitable end is the total bankruptcy of the USA.

But now Goldman Sachs’ plans seem to be turning sour. The Trump team stopped the Fed making another interest hike last week.

Also, the ultimate bankster insider, a Skull and Bones member Steven Mnuchin, who like his father, “worked” for Goldman Sachs is struggling with mounting scandals to be confirmed as Treasury Secretary.

Worked, that is, if printing money out of thin air, while hoodwinking customers, collecting interest or foreclosing on assets with robo signing can be called work.

Mnuchin and Rothschild banker Wilbur Ross are, we can only assume from their policies, the plants the Wall Street banks have infiltrated into the Trump team to help them blow up the Trump administration.

Since they are bankster insiders, who know how the finance and economics really works, they also know where to place the bombs to blow up the entire edifice, to paraphrase controlled opposition Alex Jones.

Mnuchin has, in fact, been placing bombs all over financial architecture of Trump’s administation without even being confirmed yet.

He has implicitly supported the Fed’s higher interest rates, more IRS and taxes, a strong dollar, yet more deregulation of Wall Street, as well as privatizing Fanne Mae and Freddie Mac, something which will trigger a gigantic wave of foreclosures for the profit of his pals as interest rates hikes bite.

But the entire enterprise could soon backfire. Trump and his team could realize they do not need the Wall Street banks at all. In fact, the private Fed and Wall Street are the main thing standing between America and sustained prosperity and security.

Trump can in fact issue an executive order tomorrow instructing the Treasury to generate billions of debt free dollar notes like John F Kennedy as well as Treasury bills. He does not even need new legislation. He can pay with the stroke of a pen for trillions in dollars of projects, from strengthening the military, to building the Mexican wall, to creating a manufacturing investment fund. This, without adding a single cent to the national debt or having to take any money out of the existing budget.

Trump can also create a new manufacturing orientated banking system overnight by giving instructions to the regional Federal Reserve banks to divert cash from private banks to companies as well as community banks with charters tooling them to boost investment in production.

He can also allow US companies like Ford and Delta to obtain banking licenses to fund their investments in new production facilities.

On top of tha, he order all the domestic consumer and mortgage debt to be cancelled without any injury whatsoever to the USA’s real economy. Wow, would that win him votes!

And when it comes to the Federal debt, well, a cancellation of that will devastate mainly China, right, and who wants that?

Trump can, above all, renationalize the Federal Reserve. He can then abolish the IRS, founded in 1913 to enable a more efficient collection of taxes to pay for the privatization of America’s only legal tender.

He  will not need so much revenue from the IRS under sovereign money and money from tariffs will pour in. As the USA returns to full employment, the welfare state (unemployment is also a direct result of the private banks taking all the money out of the economy in interest rates) could even be wound up.

It is win, win, win all the way for Trump and his team if he cuts out unnecessary payments to the private banks for every US dollar in circulation.

All Trump has to worry about is inflation (and not being assassinated, smeared etc).

Like China, which already has debt free or sovereign money, the real secret to its boom, he can set tight inflation targets and control the shadow banking system to prevent off the radar black loans for housing etc.

With a few simple measures, in short, Trump can bring untold and lasting prosperity back to the USA.

And he can also take down the Globalist New World Order as he does so by removing from them the power to create limitless money which ultimately pays for all their criminal activity, control of politicians, judges and the mainstream media.

The private Fed can print literally trillions of dollars and give it to the Soros, Rothschild, Rockefeller syndicate without any oversight. This, quite apart from the individual bank licenses allowing this clique to print more billions out of thin air.

That prospect must be making Goldman Sachs, Wall Street and their minions very nervous indeed.

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