Oliver stone warns Americans have been misled over origins of Ukrainian crisis

From Infowars


In an interview with Russia’s Channel One which aired Sunday on the news and analysis program Sunday Vremya, (Oliver) Stone said that unfortunately, most Americans do not know the origins to the crisis in Ukraine.

“If I were President Trump, I would declassify all this information on Ukraine, as well as Syria, but above all Ukraine, because it’s the focal point of where this [new] Cold War has come about,” Stone said.

The director noted that the US establishment has stuck to the same false narrative about Russia ‘seizing’ Crimea, about Russian involvement in the Ukrainian civil war, its posing a ‘threat’ to Ukraine, etc. There are important facts left unsaid about the origins of the Ukrainian crisis, Stone said, including the ‘color revolutionary’ techniques employed in the lead-up to the Maidan coup, who provided the funding, and who the mysterious snipers were that fired on police and protesters alike at the height of the crisis.

Stone characterized the current government in Kiev as unelected, extremely-right wing, heavily corrupted and controlled from abroad. Its very survival, he noted, depends on financial support from abroad. “I don’t see any real democracy in Ukraine,” he added, pointing to restrictions against the work of journalists, and the threats and attacks against anyone who speaks out against the government.



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