Same corruption continues in Haiti and in Greece as Donald Trump allows his government to be packed with moles, Soros puppet Geoffrey Pyatt continues to push the Globalist agenda in Greece

After it emerged that an insider might have leaked information which sabotaged a US military strike against ISIS, Infowars reports that business is continuing as usual in corrupt Haiti under a White House mole and a state department diplomat implicated in the Benghazi scandal.

Haitians have decided to protest the lack of any change during the inauguration of a corrupt Clinton crony in Haiti, to be attended by a delegation from the state department headed by a diplomat who backed up Hilary Clinton in the Benghazi scandal.

Meanwhile, in Greece, Soros puppet Geoffrey Pyatt is also carrying on as if it is Globalist business as usual. He is pushing a dangerous confrontation between Turkey and Greece, which could soon involve the USA.

Pyatt has just tweeted the arrival of a US aircraft carrier in Greece as military tensions between Greece and Turkey escalate.

In my case, there is also no sign of any let up. Geoffrey Pyatt’s boss has been fired, but Pyatt himself is continuing as before.

Lawyer Simos Samaras, who is actually under investigation for serious crimes against me, including hacking, is going to try to use a “fake” court document to collect personal information from my bank. I emailed my bank and told them he is under investigation as a suspected member of a criminal gang headed by Alexis Tispras and George Soros, and seeking information under false pretences with the intention of committing harm.

Donald Trump has done a huge amount in a short time in spite of incompetent team. He urgently needs to fire most of them right now and go out and get his supporters to fill the White House posts and other jobs. Otherwise, he will not have the staff to get the job done. His executive orders, even if they are not botched by the likes of Steve Bannon, will effect no real changes if they have to be implemented by layers of bureaucrats who oppose his agenda.

It’s good to see Trump inviting Sherriffs into the White House. In my view, he should invite many more people to the White House to have dinner with him in the evening. Guests like Bob Woodward, Seymour Hersh, Tom Brady, Tiger Woods would help Trump enlarge his vision again and help him understand what people outside his tight circle think .

It is, in my view, inexplicable why his so called advisors like Steve Bannon are not highlighting the disastrous consequences for Trump of leaving his government apparatus packed with Clinton and Bush operatives. Why are they not making it priority to collect lists of genuine Trump supporters and fill the government with them?

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