Out of control ex Goldman Sachs banker Steve Bannon makes power grab over Pentagon

Former Goldman Sachs Stephen Bannon is trying to take over the Pentagon, opposing Defence Secretary James Mattis in his choice of key staff, it has emerged.


Bannon was hired as a strategic advisor, but he has taken it upon himself to become the most powerful executor of the Trump team, acting unilaterally and against the interest of Trump.

As a strategist behind Trump’s travel ban, he tried to botch the implementation by ordering John Kelly to stop allowing people with Green cards to enter the USA apparently without the approval of Trump, something which Kelly luckily refused to do.

More vetting of Green card holders may well be warranted for security reasons. But it has to be done inside the USA through a separate process to comply with existing laws and the Constitution. Blocking the entry of random Green card holders without warning is illegal, guaranteeing a court show down for Trump, as well as a PR disaster. But that is what the hysterical Bannon, meddling in every department, wanted to do.

Surprise,  barely had Kelly refused, then a so called computer system glitch led to random barring of people at US airports just when Trump announced stricter vetting of visitors from seven countries known to have large numbers of radical Islamists, allowing the media to portray Donald Trump as authoritarian, lawless and chaotic.

And now Bannon is pushing his plant, an aide in the disastrous transition team of Trump, for Undersecretary of Defense.

The reason? Mattis’ pick signed a letter against Trump. Yet nearly half of the cabinet picked by Priebus and Bannon were Never Trumpers. So, why should that be a bar now?

Extraordinary is that Trump has not given one single interview to Bannon’s Breitbart. Bannon has not harnessed any of the potential power of Breitbart to help Trump communicate directly to his voters. Also, show me an article in Breitbart with a genuinely in depth critical analysis of the Fed or Wall Street on Breitbart? Or about vaccines and autism?

Bannon has taken over the media outlet built up by Andrew Breitbart after he was murdered, and transformed the brand into a largely vacuous, opinionated site with incendiary headlines and a serious fact deficit.  Bannon takes over other people’s research and rides on that, for example, Clinton Cash is based on Peter Schweizer’s book.

Instead, Trump is constantly appearing on the very mainstream media outlets which are controlled by the Globalists, guaranteeing an endless stream of negative headlines for him and pseudo controversies.

So where Bannon has actual power to help Trump craft his message through Breitbart, he is passive.

Mattis may not be perfect but he is a proven patriot, a brilliant commander, capable of learning fast. There is no real reason for the hysterically over active Bannon to suspect his choice for deputy or to try to usurp it.

Apparently appointing himself to the National Security Council, he now sits in on meetings discussing vital issues.

Bannon, Priebus, Kushner and all the people they have hired should be fired and a completely new team of Trump loyalists should be hired. Mattis may have to lend Trump a staff to accomplish the rejuvenation of his White House Staff.

Above anything else, plants in the World House are a security risk to Trump.

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