The Greek Justice Minister Stavros Kontonis, placed into his position after a cabinet reshuffle, organized in the background, it appears, by US ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt, is opposing an initiative by Supreme Court President Vassiliki Thanou to extend the age limit for Greek judges beyond the current maximum of 67 years.

My own case shows that Vassiliki Thanou is probably the most honest judge there is in Greece. Judges and prosecutors of all parties should consider letting her stay in office one year longer to head off an attempt to replace her with an operative of Pyatt and his backer George Soros.

Judges and prosecutors should get behind my case and convict Soros and Alexis Tsipras before they plunge the country into world war three and financial disaster.

Geoffrey Pyatt was accused in spring 2016 of misusing state department funds to bribe a rival to remove the Ukraine’s top prosecutor Viktor Shokin when he was the US ambassador to the Ukraine following a colour revolution organized by George Soros.

Shokin also narrowly escaped an assassination attempt in November 2015  as the Ukraine government under Petro Poroshenko intensified efforts to fight corruption against Globalist oligarchs like Igor Kolomoisky.

Obama’s Vice President Joe Biden’s son, R. Hunter Biden, joined the board of Kolomoisky’s Ukrainian oil and natural gas company in 2014, lobbying for the oligarch in the USA.

Shokin arrested associates of Kolomoisky, who were implicated in murdering secret service agents.

Kolomoisky attempted to use a private army, Dinpro Battalion, to take over an oil firm by force in November 2015.

“A raid by a group of armed men in combat fatigues on a state-owned oil company in the Ukrainian capital Kiev caused uproar in parliament on Friday and thrust banking billionaire Ihor Kolomoisky into the spotlight.

Two parliamentary deputies accused Kolomoisky of sending the masked men into the offices of UkrTransNafta late on Thursday night after it was announced that its chairman, an ally of the 52-year-old oligarch, had been sacked.

Kolomoisky, governor of the eastern Dnipropetrovsk region and one of Ukraine’s richest men with a net worth of about $3 billion according to Forbes, later came out of the building and clashed angrily with journalists.”

The incident led to a rift between the current president of the Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and Kolomoisky with the seizure of Kolomoisky’s private bank, the largest commercial bank in the Ukraine, in December 2016.

Kolomoisky used his Privat Bank, and the fractional reserve banking to fund not only stakes in energy firms, but also the 22,000 strong heavily armed neo Nazi army which has been spearheading the fighting against the ethnic Russians after Ukrainian soldiers refused to turn their guns on ethnic Russians.

Conscripts have also refused to turn up for the war.

Neo Nazi soldiers he has lavishly funded have been implicated in some of the worst atrocities.

Kolomoisky also used his hired mercenary battalion to try to wrest control of the UkrTransNafta from the state, which owns the majority stake, by force.

Kolomoisky’s some time supporter, sometime rival, is gas oligarch Julia Tymoschenko as well as George Soros.

A bank Kolomoisky part owned in Moscow was allowed to keep its licence by the private Russian central bank even after hostilities broke out over the Crimea.

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