A close associate of US ambassador to Greece Geoffrey Pyatt has written to Donald Trump asking him to support Greece in the escalating conflict against Turkey.

In his letter, the President of the American Hellenic Institute, a Globalist think tank, Nick Larigakis refers to the importance of Greece to the USA and NATO, but he omits to mention that Pyatt and the Greek government led by Alexis Tsipras and Panis Kammenos have played a major role behind the scenes in engineering an explosive confrontation. 

Trump’s White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus has close links to Kammenos and Greek Globalists, and it is to be expected he will place the letter on top of Trump’s in tray along. He may  also put pictures of weeping Greek women in the tray to try to move Trump to order US fighters from a newly arrived aircraft carrier to patrol the Turkish coast, where they can easily be set up for a false flag operation …

Larigakis was top of Pyatt’s list when he arrived in Greece in September to take up his position as ambassador, indicating that the think tank head may be very high up on the George Soros list of people who can be blackmailed or bribed.

Amy Reichert, Greek desk officer, U.S. Department of State, accompanied the ambassador to the meeting, indicating Reichert may be another mole.

Larigakis along with Pyatt also attended the State Dinner for Barack Obama when he visited Athens in November as well as Obama’s speech the following day at a culture centre.

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