Drudge has accused the Republican Party of obstructing the agenda of Donald Trump by putting Obamacare and tax cuts at the bottom of their agenda.

Drudge’s intervention comes as donation records show that an employee of a fund owned by George Soros gave money directly to Paul Ryan, John McCain and other Senators well known for opposing and obstructing Trump.

Drudge also right question why the penalty tax can not be immediately repealed by an executive order.

Trump’s lame press secretary Sean Spicer said Obamacare was a mammoth thing to repeal and replace.

But Obamacare does not have to be repealed and replaced at the same time.

It can be repealed by a bill with a few hundred words, stating that health care reverts to exactly the same status as it had before Obama care in effect and name a specific date for when the status quo ante is restored and a specific percentage range for additional charges to services due to inflation (maximum 10%). This, to give health care professionals time to dig out their old forms, records, billing methods etc.

To address any other issues, new bills can be put before Congress and Senate.

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