The opening weeks of the Trump administration have been described as tumultuous by many, potentially leaving White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus’ head on the chopping block.

But its not just Priebus who is sabotaging the Trump campaign. Former Goldman Sachs banker Steven Bannon has also played a role in creating turmoil.

A a higher level Wall Street banker, Bannon certainly knows even better than I do that the bankers, with the help of Steve Mncuhin, are planning to wreck the economy by raising interest rates on Fed funds in the middle of a recession and depression, and by stopping quantitive easing.

Yet he has apparently done nothing to warn Trump, and certainly he has nothing to inform him about the ease with which he can issue debt free Treasury bills. Where is the executive order from Trump instructing the Treasury to issue debt free money?

Bannon has also played a role in diverting Trump’s attention from core actions to bring relieve to his base to executive orders on economic fictions like rare earth minerals, something Drudge complained about.

A fiction propagated by Globalists is that China controls rare minerals which are vital for manufacturing steering wheels in the USA etc.

However, common sense and economic history shows that hundreds of millions of cars with excellent steering wheels have been manufactured in Europe since the late 19th century with no input from rare earth minerals at all.

Austrian cars like Steyr Daimler Punch produced cars with local materials, with iron mined locally and produced locally.

So, the USA does not need rare earth minerals under the control of China to produce steering wheels or for any other strategic industry. It can produce all the components etc or create new synthetic components itself as Austria did. Believe me, the cars built 100 years then were hundred times better than any cars built now in terms of durability, reliability and even comfort etc.

Instead of using his inside knowledge to help Trump, Bannon is on an out of control power grab, trying to infiltrate his people into the Pentagon, and now force out General Michael Flynn by leaking a phone call with Russia. A call of no consequence has been blown up to suggest a scandal.

And, according to Alex Jones, George Soros operative David Brock of Media Matters, and the boyfriend of James Alefantis, is to play a major role in new censorship push.

Repealing Obama’s federalization of the internet and stopping censorship should be a priority for Trump. What is going on?

Breitbart under editor Bannon is no better than CNN when it comes to objective information. It pushes the Globalist agenda of divide and rule and civil war if and when the economy does collapse.

Trump needs to get rid of virtually every single person in his transition team hired by Jared Kushner, Priebus, Pence and Bannon, and start afresh.

He could reduce his core White House staff to 100 people, and outsource all the other administrative and secretarial functions to staff drawn very various departments.

Is there really a need to fill 4000 positions in the White House especially with political appointees ie Globalists?

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