After Flynn chaos, Trump should consider a new project management approach to get results and stay connected with his base

Michael Flynn resigned abruptly as President Donald Trump’s national security adviser Monday night over his contact to Russian officials, hours after it emerged that the Justice Department informed the White House that it believed he could be subject to blackmail.

The question now is will the departure of  Trump’s embattled national security adviser Flynn help Trump create a more professional, functional administration or will the leaks, security chaos and confusion get worse?

I suspect it may get a lot worse. The programme of the New World Order is to blunt the effectiveness of Trump by surrounding him with plants, who sabotage his agenda, leak and fight in public, all to add to the impression of chaos. Their aim is, ultimately, to detach him from his loyal lieutenants as well as his base, demoralize and impeach him.

“Political forces in the swamp keep the boil of controversy going regardless of the substance of the content behind it,” writes the Conservative Treehouse blog.

Flynn is another loyal lieutenant whom the Globalist plants have ousted. According to Alex Jones,  Flynn only responded to a question by the Russian ambassador, asking if Trump would discuss sanctions by saying that was indeed Trump’s policy. Why is Pence making such a big deal, then, about being lied to? For political reasons. Pence wanted to get rid of a rival, I allege.

Another loyal lieutenant in line for firing is Kellyanne Conway, sources say.

Meanwhile, Stephen Bannon has apparently appointed himself to the National Security Council in surely the biggest security breach of all, and yet no word of that in the media.

Bannon has also compared himself to villain Darth Vader.

“Dick Cheney. Darth Vader. Satan. That’s power,” he said, sounding just like a New World Order occultist.

But the controlled press do not focus on that because, I allege, Bannon is needed by the Globalists to plunge the Trump administration into chaos as well as pushing the divide and rule agenda and helping to incite a civil war as the economy finally collapses due to the banksters’ activities.

“It only helps us when they—get it wrong. When they’re blind to who we are and what we’re doing,” Bannon said.

Exactly. It only helps the Globalists when Trump is blind to what he, Mike Pence, Jared Kushner, Reince Priebus and Steven Mnuchin are really up to. Only in a state of blindness to their true motives is Trump willing to trust them, listen to their advice and give them authority. Enabled by Trump himself, they can set about destroying him.

What to do?

Trump is a manager used to giving instructions and seeing them carried out. In my view, he now needs to reconfigure his White House team to suit his style. Out with the competing advisors. Out with the 4,000 political appointees to run the White House. Out with the family.

His three oldest children may well all one day be president but only if he gets a grip on his administration, and delivers on his election promises in the first place. Otherwise, the USA will suffer an economic collapse and civil war fuelled by George Soros could explode.

In with a professional teams of managers, administrators and secretaries, which can be borrowed from other departments or loyal states like New Jersey.

Tump only needs a small, core team of top Generals and executives like Rex Tillerson to consider which projects need to be tackled as a priority. For example, repealing the penalty mandate in Obamacare, and reforming the Federal Reserve or filling the empty vacancies there with people recognizing the need for low interest rates and QE, and building a new media.

Once he has initiated a project and set a deadline, a professional team can take over the process of planning it, executing it and monitoring it.

A professional communications team should also be set up that runs a tight ship and communicate what has been achieved. They should be using the social media and alternative media as channels, which is where Trump’s supporters are. There is no need for propaganda and spin. Just facts.

For example. The construction on the first section of the Mexico wall will start in spring 2017…The first 100 mile section of the Mexico wall has been completed. …Half the Mexican wall has been completed…The Mexican wall is finished. The number of migrans crossing illegally has been reduced by XX%.The costs was XX. This was under the projected budget of XX. President Trump and Home Security Secretary John Kelly will unveil a plaque together with border security agents at place Z on date XX.

Why the current communications team under Bannon focuses on endless quarrels on trivia with the biased mainstream media generating negative headlines for Trump is puzzling?

Trump also needs, in my view, a good team to research accurate information as opposed to information presented to him by the media or lobbyists, especially when it comes to Wall Street, the Fed and the economy.

He and the deep state backing him cannot make good decisions if they do not understand how finance and the economy really work.

To sum up, Trump needs a slimmed down and a functional team of professional managers and administrators to deliver on his election promises to improve the economy, repeal Obamacare, make America prosperous and safe again etc.

His current team and set up is not delivering with the exception of a few people who are being mobbed out by the saboteurs.

If he is effective and turns the USA around, he as well as his team will, of course, need very tight security.

He can rotate teams of managers and administrators to reduce the chances of infiltration.

All that said, Trump also needs mental toughness and to stick to a line once he has announced it and not be swayed or pressured by the likes of Bannon, Pence, Kushner and Paul Ryan, both of whom have, allegedly, received money from George Soros.

Obama’s fixer Rahm Emmanuel went to the White House yesterday and met with Kushner, Priebus and as well as two Goldman Sachs bankers “working” for Trump.

That’s like allowing Heinrich Himmler to take a tour of Allied headquarters and look at all the plans for the D Day invasion.

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