Odysseus as a model for fighting the Globalist New World Order?

Plato said courage is a kind of endurance of the mind, and endurance is a quality we need to live well, especially whenever we take up the fight against the Globalists with their many traps, plots and schemes.

Our consumer culture is the impulse and instant gratification culture. Whenever we meet problems, we are encouraged to crumble, complain and seek help from others, go to the government, go to the psychiatrist, take medication, be a passive victim. But to live like that is dull and boring. We will never grow, never develop our potential.

Homer shows us an archetypal kind of endurance and resourcefulness in the character of Odysseus, who  inspires us to be always ready to face challenges and see life as an adventure.

In some ways, Odysseus is a very American hero. He is a Greek John Wayne, a lone fighter standing up against the baddies terrorizing a  town.

In Book 11 of the Illiad, Odysseus , for example, finds himself suddenly alone fighting the massed ranks of the Trojan soldiers, his army on the verge of defeat, Odysseus considers his options. Should he run away like a coward? Or stay and risk being caught alone?

He immediately decides to hold his ground and fight against overwhelming odds. Though  wounded, he holds out long enough for his friends to come to his rescue and survives again.

The Odyssey describes how Odysseus’ perseveres through countless dangers and difficulties to get back home to Ithaca. There he has to covercome his biggest challenge yet before he finally settles down after 20 years to a peaceful life reunited with his family full of knowledge and wisdom.

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