Russian Insiders Fear Washington Establishment Will Assassinate Trump

Globalist magazine: “Trump may be ousted or even killed”

Paul Joseph Watson
 February 14, 2017
Russian insiders are fearful that the Washington establishment will attempt to assassinate Donald Trump, according to a magazine with deep ties to the globalist elite.

The revelation is buried deep within a Foreign Policy article about how the Kremlin is confused about how to respond to Trump’s role as a “revolutionary insurgent with a mission to dismantle America’s “old regime.”

From “conversations with Russian policymakers and experts,” the article makes it clear that power players in Moscow are concerned about Trump even being able to see out his first four years in office.

“What the Kremlin fears most today is that Trump may be ousted or even killed. His ouster, Kremlin insiders argue, is bound to unleash a virulent and bipartisan anti-Russian campaign in Washington,” states the piece.

“The Kremlin is perfectly aware that Democrats want to use Russia to discredit and possibly impeach Trump while Republican elites want to use Russia to deflate and discipline Trump. The Russian government fears not only Trump’s downfall, of course, but also the possibility that he could opportunistically switch to a tough anti-Moscow line in order to make peace with hawkish Republican leaders in Congress.”

Foreign Policy is in a position to know the machinations of Washington insiders given that it is owned by The Washington Post Company (now Graham Holdings Company) and headed up by CEO David Rothkopf, a top globalist who is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and a former managing director of Kissinger Associates.

Many of Trump’s Russian admirers also share his dream of “purging the globalist elites,” according to the article, another reason why they fear he will be targeted for assassination.

Not just Russian insiders, but half of America is surely fearful that the Washington Post and Wall Street establishment will attempt to assassinate Donald Trump.

Since Trump’s White House team seems to be packed with establishment insiders, the possibilities for organizing a security stand down and staging an assassination (a deranged reporter? disgruntled golf club member?)are significant.

We just have to hope God and the US army protects Trump, especially if he takes on the Federal Reserve. John F Kennedy was assasinated after he started to issue debt free Treasury bills, bypassing the private Fed and avoiding payments (compound interest!) to Wall Street bankers for using the country’s only legal tender.

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