A conversation I had with a Russian journalist in Greece in June 2016 strongly suggested to me that Steven Bannon, Mike Pence, Reince Priebus and Jared Kushner are foreign agents and have had contacts with Russian intelligence officials.

On the 20th  June last year, I was interviewed about biological warfare by Russian TV company working for the a state TV channel, as reported on this blog.

As part of the interview, the Russian crew filmed scenes of me in Larisa, in Thessaly in Greece, sitting in a cafe close to the ancient theatre and walking to the court, where I have an ongoing case against, amongst others, George Soros and Alexis Tsipras.


For the first time, I am publishing my statement in Greek to the judge in Larisa in November in which Tsipras and Soros are formally accused because of the overwhelming public interest in this issue. I stress the investigating judge named in these documents has nothing more to do with my case as it has now, technically, been passed on to the prosecutor.




And this is the confirmation  with the Larisa court stamp from the office of the then investigating judge (again, it must be stressed she no longer charged with my case and she accepted a routine testimony).


As we walked, the Russian journalist, who had told me that the FSB and Kazahstan secret services are very interested in my blog, mentioned that he had considered interviewing Steve Bannon for a documentary on financial warfare.

I recall with absolute certainty the mention of the FSB, the Russian secret services, by Sasha and the Kazahstan secret services. A novice in the Greek orthodox monastery I had been staying at in the Larisa region called Irene was a Russian and a former lawyer for the FSB, and she told me about their comprehensive survelliance system.

The Russian TV production company had produced a documentary on financial warfare for the Russian TV state channel featuring American pundit Paul Craig Roberts.

The Russian journalist, called Sascha, made the remark about Bannon to me in Larisa after I asked if the Russian TV crew of four had had any difficulties obtaining visas to come to Greece at such short notice.

Sasha replied by telling me they had contacts everywhere they could rely on to get them visas. He gave as an example Steve Bannon and the USA. He asked me if I knew Bannon. I asked if he meant the Breitbart editor. He replied in the affirmative, adding Bannon was a former Goldman Sachs banker with insights into financial warfare like Paul Craig Roberts.

After I, then, expressed surprise that they could get visas to the USA given the sanctions against Russia, Sasha listed a series of names, which he said would always help with visas. I forgot the names he said because I did not recognize any of them.

I recalled some of them, however, when I read their names after announcements about the leading members of the new Trump administration. The names I seem to have heard and recalled were Reince Pierbus, Mike Pence and Jared Kushner. I do not recall hearing Sasha mention the name Mike Flynn, a typically Irish name I would have, I am sure, registered given the fact I am half Irish and have an Irish passport.

I am not suggesting Pence, Kushner and Priebus work for the Russian government. I do, however, believe that they have some kind of informal contact with foreign intelligence agencies, including in Kazahstan, disguised as media and who are trying to undermine America.

Specifically, I believe they are associated with a facton associated with the private Russian central bank and Dimitry Medvedev, the Prime Minister of Russia. I believe this was the group who came to interview me in Greece.

Sasha persistently asked me about my emails to the FBI concerning the false flag swine flu in 2009. On his request I sent a copy to his producer in his presence.


This struck me as strange but now makes sense to me if they were Globalist agents trying to tap me for information.

Readers of this blog will know that I identified Kushner, Pence and Priebus as anti Trump agitators in November 2016. But they may not know why I focussed on them until now. Since I have no record of the conversation with Sascha, I have been reluctant to mention this information. However, many locals in Larisa witnessed the interview and filming in the streets.

The interview concerned biological warfare. Sasha told me that the Russian government was especially worried about the plague being released in Russia. My interview focused on the risks of epidemic vaccines mandated by WHO.

Sasha asked me whether I thought the “Globalists” would release the plague in Europe and other parts of the world. I replied that the plague was a bacterial infection and could not be controlled by the Globalists (that is, plague could end up infecting them too). By contrast, the  false flag epidemics centre around viruses and the impact of these epidemics can be controlled by them using vaccines. So, on balance, I said I thought the Globalists would not risk releasing the plague in Europe and the USA out of the fear they could end up being infected with the bacteria themselves.

Also, the connection between Bannon and the trio was not immediately clear to me from the conversation with Sasha. However, Bannon’s actions and close association with Pence, Kushner and Priebus has made me rethink his role.

According to the Daily Beast, Bannon has said he is a Lenninist, or a communist.

I am now coming forward with this information because I believe this group poses a huge threat to Donald Trump and USA.

All of them have security clearances and access to classified information and Bannon has a seat on the national security council.

My view is that Michael Flynn is a genuine patriot,but without the breadth of thinking of someone say like James Mattis, and he has been duped by Bannon and the trio of Pence, Priebus and Kushner.

I urge Trump and the US intelligence agencies to investigate this group. I am certain they are behind the leaks, although more names were mentioned by Sasha I have never recognized.

I will write a more detailed report to the House Intelligence Committee and the FBI with email evidence etc and post it on my blog.

To clarify. I am not a Russian agent. I am a professional journalist. I offered to give an interview to Russian TV on condition of payment but I was never paid. During this interview, I became aware of the interest through the  journalist to the FSB and Kazakstan secret services in my blog. In retrospect, I believe I was the victim of a pysch op. Someone wanted to press information out of me about the extent of the American intelligence agencies involvement with my blog.

As part of what then seemed a casual conversation, I seem to have heard the names Pence, Kushner and Priebus as contacts to obtain visas for interviews with the likes of Bannon as far as I can recall. I am putting this information out due to my concern that these people mentioned may pose a very serious security risk to the USA and to the Trump administration. At the very least, an investigation into their activities is merited given their apparent close contacts to this Russian “journalist”.

Readers of this blog will know I am very meticulous in documenting what I say. I am very reluctant to convey the contents of a conversation unless it becomes a vital security issue as, I believe, it has now become.

This blog post has also been repeatedly blocked. I had to resort to taking a screen shot of the above text and upload ing the screenshot onto the blog to circumvent the blocking of the copy and paste buttons. Finally I was able to publish this text. Experience has taught me whenever great efforts are made to block one of my blog posts, it is especially important.

Proof I am indeed in Larisa, Greece, as I write this blog post is a photo of Larisa’s ancient theatre taken tonight. 15th February, at 19 hours 18 minutes 11 seconds.


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