Steve Bannon pushes out top military officer in fresh power grab. Is Trump being blackmailed or bribed? Or is he a emotionally needy feather brain in the hands of a Rasputin style manipulator?

Foreign Policy reports that the former Goldman Sachs banker Steve Bannon played a key role in persuading Vice Admiral Robert Harward that he could not do a professional job as National Security Council Director by blocking him from bringing in his own team.

I am starting to ask myself just how come does Bannon have so much influence on Donald Trump? Does he have some material to blackmail Trump? Or is he being bribed by Wall Street credit lines to his business empire?

There has to be some reason why Trump allows Bannon to constantly act against the best interests of the USA by systematically cutting out all the good, patriot, professional people and bringing in all the Wall Street vultures.

It is in the interests of the USA to have a proven security professional in charge of the National Security Council like Robert Harward, and not some funny money, sleazy Goldman Sachs, cheap film Hollywood exec and Breitbart editor like Bannon who can’t write a single decent article., and who a vast majority of Americans do not trust

So what’s the real deal here?

Has Trump been bribed or blackmailed behind the scenes? He can’t be that much of an idiot, surely? Vanity and egomania explain only a tiny amount of Trump’s disastrous personnel decisions. We know he has a tendency to be a spineless flip flop, but is he really such a mindless zombie who does whatever Bannon tells him without taking the time to reflect on whether it is good for America or not?

“Oh, Donald, but KT McFarlane is such a pretty woman, and so dedicated to you, and she wants the job so much. You can’t break her little heart by taking it away. She will burst into tears.”


“But, Donald, that Robert Harward is only in it for himself and for Lockheed Martin. You can’t trust him. We need someone on his team like KT McFarlane and me to make sure that he (an elite US soldier with decades of proven service) will act in your interests. No, Donald, it’s not about America’s interests. It’s about you. You are America. Anyone who won’t serve you like a doormat is against America.”


“I know what’s best for you, Donald. I am a funny money Goldman Sachs vulture, produced fifth rate films in Hollywood, to launder money and am totally dedicated to you. You are the new saviour of America, the champ, the special one. I understand the Globalist agenda better than anyone and can help you to dismantle it and make America great again. Harward is a fool compared to me. He has no experience of anything outside of successfully managing a vast professional apparatus achieving real world results in the military and corporate world. Whereas I have vast experience of lying, fraud, cheating and scamming every one off. He has the respect of everyone while everyone considers me a slime. Trust me, Donald. I know what’s best for you. You are the greatest. Your press conference yesterday was epic. You really stuck it to the fake media.”

“Did I, Steve?”

Sure, that’s your target, the fake media. Just focus on them. Leave the actual governing to me.”

“It’s a lot of hard word. But I’m getting flack from Fox News about my press conference.”

“So what? Envious voices are trying to make you look bad, Donald, for ranting for 77 minutes about the fake news while the administration becomes a security risk because you are so incompetent. Don’t listen to them. You were  a champ. You repeated my line about a finely turned machine with so much confidence. I was so proud of you. I mean, you stuck it to that General Raymond Thomas. I mean, who is that punk to claim that your administration is in unbelievable turmoil? And you stuck it to Mike Pompeio by accusing in a general way with no proof at all the “intelligence community of the leaks when it was actually me. Only joking, Donald. I never leave a paper trail. So, no one will catch me even if I did do the leaks. “

“You’re so clever, Steve!”

“Yes, Donald, and I love you. Basically by alienating everyone around you, you are playing right into my hands, by leaving you isolated with only me, Reince and Jared. I mean, soon you are going to be the most loathed person in America as main street see interest rates soars, jobs vanish, Obamacare not repealed, penalties not repealed. But you will have me to tell you you are doing a great job. Until the impeachment order comes. Then we will part ways. No hard feelings.”

“Yeah, Steve. KT batted her eyes at me and smiled and Robert Harward, well, he was so focussed on the job. We didn’t hit it off. There I am sitting there, telling him about my great press conference and he wanted to talk about the nuts and bolts of security policy. A rough guy, a rude guy.”

“You’re special, Donald. You’re way above everyone else, so intuitive, sensitive, spiritual. A brute soldier, a money minded exec like Harward isn’t on your wavelength. He can’t begin to understand how you tick. But I am on your wavelength. I get how special you are, in tune with the spirit of the times, the future. Reince and his team is working overtime to put positive comments in your facebook and Twitter and filter out all negative ones to make you feel good about yourself.”

“Thanks, Steve. You are so good, you just rule America without any control or accountability. I’ll just sit back and admire myself in the mirror. Oh, and I so want to go and hold a rally soon. It gives me such a thrill when there is an arena of people cheering me.”

I know, Donald. You are a charismatic figure. Leave making America great against to me, Reince, Jared and KT. You can trust us, and only us.”

Is Trump such a fool?

I am beginning to think the Globalist New World Order have some material to blackmail Trump.

It is also very possible that the Globalists had material to blackmail General Michael Flynn since he helped bring Bannon and all these George Soros operatives into the government on the orders of Jared Kushner, who has a special credit line from the Billionaire.

If that is the case, Trump’s ship will sink very fast. He can rant as much as he likes about the greatest press conference ever as a top, professional soldiers refuse to serve in his chaotic administration. Reality is, if he cannot get proven professionals like Harward on board, he is looking at a ship wreck of his government, a furious public faced with all his failures to make real change and impeachment very soon.

Bannon will be high and dry. According to media reports, he is making sure there is no paper trail for all his activities.

The fact that Bannon and Kushner are avoiding documenting their actions should make anyone suspicious. But Trump, of course, is too busy admiring his epic press rant to reflect on why keeping an accurate a paper trail might be useful to avert an eventual impeachment attempt.


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