Trump gives focussed weekly address, manages not to talk about himself for the first time in two weeks, but does not address turmoil and Harward rebuff

Donald Trump has managed to get back on track with a focussed weekly address delivered at 11 am local time. He managed to talk not about himself but about his policies and actions. The address was brief, factual and should help repair some of the damage to his image caused by his undisciplined press rant yesterday.

That said, I will be convinced Trump is putting America’s interest first when I see he is able to attract and retain real professional talent like Vice Admiral Robert Harward and Chris Christie, and when he starts to fire third rate staff like Steve Bannon and Priebus.

Harward was absolutely right to emphasize to Trump that to achieve results, there has to be professional team made up of professional people consistently working to a high and rigorous standard. The quality of people is paramount.

Talkshow pundits like “crooked Cruella smile” KT McFarland and shady Goldman Sachs types like Steve Bannon would not be considered by most people as quality, let alone as people who should be on the National Security Council, quite apart from the security risk they pose. Indeed, a new poll shows that Americans distrust Bannon by two to one. People are not fools.

It would be refreshing to have Trump sit down and take the American public seriously, address the evident problems and not white wash them or divert attention from them by blaming the media. He should tell the public his plan, frankly, say he did not feel he had the optimal team, has fired the entire White House staff apart from Kellyanne Conway, and has replaced them with proven patriots and professionals. Governing a country is not a show or a circus. He is serious about results.

He can add that the refusal of Harward to join his team was a huge blog (and it was a huge blow to his credibility) but that he has since managed to get him on board after accepting Harward needs his own professional team to keep America safe, and not losers like Bannon and McFarland.

Trump should give the American people some credit for their intelligence. They are not sheep or fools.

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