A day after a top US general warned that Donald Trump’s administration is in “unbelievable turmoil”,  Trump’s new pick as National Security Director, Vice-Admiral  Robert Harward, turned down the offer, over fears of the government’s dysfunctionalism.

Harward’s rebuff may help Trump reconnect with reality.

Showing he has already lost contact with the real world inside his White House bubble, Trump gave a long rant about the fake news (repetitive) in which he denied “chaos” had beset his administration, telling reporters it was “running like a fine-tuned machine”.

To top it up, Trump told the  press conference that ousting Michael Flynn had been made easier by the fact he had an “outstanding” candidate to serve as a replacement.

But just hours after the press conference and presumably after having listened to Trump’s denial of an obvious problem that his White House is run by a dysfunctional team of fifth rate self seekers, Harward said he had turned down the offer in a blow to Trimp.

For once, Trump will not be able to blame the press. He will have to take responsibility for his failure to spend that 77 minutes wasted on ranting about fake news instead of talking to Harward about all the things he needed and wanted to take on the NSA job. It is his job as President to keep America secure not put on an entertaining press circus.

If he can’t tell which is his priority, he is not fit for the job.

A friend of Vice-Admiral Harward’s told CNN he described the President’s offer as a “s*** sandwich”, further underlining that Trump does not seem to grasp that not everyone wants to join a sinking ship and work fifth rate back stabbers and weirdoes like Steven Bannon, Reince Priebus, Jared Kushner and KT McFarlane. Haward fears perhaps for reputation and career if he is drawn into Trump’s dysfunctional adminstration.

Trump has to go the extra mile to recruit professionals who will make America great and secure again to his increasingly chaotic, disasterous government by convincing them they will be able to do their jobs in a professional environment with their own staff.

He has to be the example of that professional. He has to address their real concerns.

Reports suggest Trump failed to reassure Harward over the crucial isse that he could bring his own staff  to the National Security Council, but would have to keep Michael’s Flynn’s deputy KT McFarland, a former Fox News talking head pundit.

If Trump wants to know why Haward will not work with McFarlane, he should look at his own group of losers occuping the White House, sabotaging his efforts.

And exactly what message does Trump intend to tell the American people about his last couple of chaotic weeks?

That the IRS is refusing tax returns that don’t list Obamacare? That they have less money in their wallets after the Federal Interest rate hike? That the tax cuts and Obamacare have stalled? That his botched executive order ended up bringing in more Muslims and terrorists? That nothing has changed? Because NOTHING much has changed.

Or that his White House Chief of Staff failed to get his cabinet installed in a timely fashion? Lied about the list of ambassadors? That his staff is full of Soros operatives?

If I were Trump, I would get on the phone to Harward and offer him everything he wants as well as his full support. He should offer him his own White House liaison staff, a phone number Harward can call Trump anytime if he has problem with Priebus, Bannon, Steve Mnuchin, Wilbur Ross and Kushner and all the other weirdoes and fifth rate Soros operatives Trump won’t get rid of.

In fact, I would fire Priebus and Bannon today and hire Chris Christie.

If Trump’s team were to call me today and offer me a job as, say, communications director for million dollars a year, I would also refuse. Who  wants to work with back stabbing weirdoes and losers like Bannon and Priebus? Bannon is Breitbart editor through his Goldman Sachs funny money, not through any journalistic talent. Listen to the guy! Talk about drivel! And Trump claims to be able to recognize and retain talent?

Now self serving Bannon may be whispering to Trump that the press is to blame, his administration is doing well to divert from the ongoing disaster. But why does Trump not look at the facts? What has been achieved in the past two to three weeks? Virtually nothing!

Bannon has the support of another weirdo Roger Stone, who turned up for the inauguration in a top hat when the first rule of fashion is to appropriately dressed. But a poll shows he that that the vast majority of Americans do not trust Bannon.

A staggering 61% have a negative view of Bannon, even though the sleazy former Goldman Sachs operative tries to stay out of the spotlight. He emerged yesterday to insult the press and he probably encouraged Trump to hold his rant which promptly put off Robert Harward and so turned into a PR disaster for Trump.

Personally, I am sick and tired of  Trump ‘s tweets where he praises anyone who gives good coverage (this morning sycophant Rush Limbaugh) and dishes those who do not. It’s not about him. Doesn’t he get that? It’s about America. It’s about making America great again. Imagine George Washington or Andrew Jackson tweeting day in, day out about SNL and CNN and their coverage of him? I would rather see only tweets showing he takes Americans and their concerns more seriously than his image in the press.

This group are bringing in one Soros operative after another. A Karl Rove acolyte is to be named new communications director. Is Trump crazy?

Until Priebus, Bannon and Kushner are shown the door, and all their minions, I doubt Trump will get many quality people to work for him. James Mattis is an outstandingly heroic man trying to recapture America from all the Soros operatives Trump has through his own folly and stupidity allowed to obtain key positions. But what happens if Mattis throws in the towel because he grows sick and tired to Trump’s antics, undermining the morale of deputies like Harward?

If Trump cannot get professional people like Robert Harward committed to America to touch his new administration, he is finished. If he continues arrogantly to put himself first and not the people of America, if he persists in risking she security through his incompetence and support of losers, it may not be long before the deep state that put him into power, decides they need to pull the plug and find someone else.

The way Trump is going is a danger to himself, his family, his country and the world.

And there will be no one more sorry than Trump if and when he is finally pushed out. No one will be more sorry than he will be when he realizes that instead of making America great again, he has proved in record time to be ruinous danger to the country. No one will be more sorry when he is forced to see his own vanity and character flaws, his love of showmanship and character weakness have ruined his opportunity. If he has installed trash in the White House, as he has, it is because on one level, he also resonates with that slithery trash.

Tellingly, when a reporter yesterday asked Trump whether he had set up a meeting with the Black caucus to discuss a plan for revitalizing the inner cities, he dismissed her question, implying she should do it.

Sorry, but that was a legitimate question. Revitalizing the inner cities is something Trump pledged to do on the campaign trail. It is legitimate for reporters to ask how fast he is moving on his pledge.

He should have given a straightforward Yes or No answer to the question. Clearly, the answer was No.  He has not moved on that key pledge.

Instead of being frank and professional, he slithered around his failure and attacked and mocked the reporter, giving the impression of a shady second hand car salesman. Not in order. If he can find 77 minutes to rant at the press, he can find 7 minutes to arrange to meet the Black Caucus to fulfil a key campaign pledge.

Trump could and should have used the opportunity presented by the question to announce a meeting or plan.

Being a president is not the biggest show in town.  It’s not a Trump circus.

It is a job. If he can’t get the job done or attract quality people like Harward to get the job done, he should resign or he will soon be pushed out. The clock is ticking. I don’t think he afford another rant of denial like yesterday. His administration is descending into total chaos because of his denial.

It’s a real shame, his three children are not President, Vice President and White House Chief of Staff. They all seem far more grounded, mature, patriotic and capable than the blustering show man Trump himself.

Karl Rove wrote that vanity will be Trump’s undoing. And, unfortunately, he is proving to be right.

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