In new blow to Trump’s credibility, Petraeus refuses to serve with Bannon on National Security Council

David Petraeus, a retired general and former CIA director, has refused to be considered to be appointed to Trump’s new NSA.

He expressed concern about Trump’s reluctance to grant new adviser the power to remove former Goldman Sach banker Steve Bannon and TV pundit KT McFarland from the National Security Council, which has been implicated by Michael Flynn as a possible source in recent links.

Retired Vice Admiral Bob Harward also refused dr to become the next NSA on Thursday after he too could not persuade Trump to put America and his voters first by partign with Bannon and KT McFarland employing a professional.

Trump will have to go through all the top talent, he promised to hire, to find a general who will risk their career by being implicated in possible leaks eventually coming from the Bannon corner.

NSC Director Michael Flynn was fired on Monday following controversy over Russia contacts. But the inner core of the Trump team, including Bannon himself, seem to have some kind of links to Russian journalists and intelligence as a conversation I had with a journalist in June suggested.

A false flag leak to Russia TK McFarland appointed by Trump on the advice of Bannon, could lead to Trump’s impeachment and serve as pretext for a Globalist purge of the US militiary and intelligence community.

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