A scenario now all too possible…

A close association of Donald Trump on the National Security Council, a TV pundit called GT McTaggart, is caught leaking classified security information to the Russians. It concerns America’s nuclear arsenal.

The fingers immediately point at Trump. He gave the unqualified McTaggart the sensitive position in the face of objections from the military and other security professionals.

The media immediately publicize the scandal. They ask whether Trump and his team, specifically Steve Bannon, Jared and Ivanka Kushner, are being governed by people who take their orders from Moscow. 

After all, Trump has emphasized throughout his campaign that he wanted friendlier relations with Vladimir Putin.

And close associates of Trump were in contact with the Russia’s officials during the campaign. His national security adviser received money from Russian TV, and he was forced out over improper calls to the country’s ambassador. This, just at a time when massive leaks, which could have been coming from the National Security Council, were found to be undermining US military efforts against ISIS.

Congress and Senate order an investigation into McTaggart as well as into Trump’s personal financial links to Russia and into his tax returns. They find out that Trump has obtained 2 billion dollars in loans from Deutsche Bank guaranteed by a film company and betting company in Moscow. The bosses of the company are currently facing jail sentences in Moscow for their role in laundering 10 billion in cash through these companies.

Trump’s hundred million dollar loans to build a tower in Chicago from George Soros slip from the radar.

The investigation uncovers that Steve Bannon is the person who leaked information about McTaggart’s actions to the press. He presents himself as the ultimate in loyal patriotism, and is allowed to continue to sit on the Security Council.

Trump is facing a crisis of legitimacy,  exposed as a puppet of Putin. The media resurrect the idea that he lost the popular vote and also electoral college vote. A new study by the FBI suggests that a last minute intervention by Russians won the election for him.

Society becomes polarized. One group still supports Trump in spite of the fact his first four weeks in office have been filled with promises about the future prosperity rather than implementing immediate relief in a deepening recession, and believes in a Globalist plot against him. This is the line supported by Breitbart and Infowars. The other group, mainly Democrats, want Trump impeached. The fractions clash violently in the streets. ISIS sleeper cells launch terror attacks, adding to the chaos.

Devin Nunes, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, says: “There is no doubt about it. Trump has to be impeached.

To save his daughter Ivanka and son in law Jared, who are also compromised but who have acquiesced to blackmail on the promise that Ivanka will one day be president with the help of Soros after Hillary Clinton or Elizabeth Warren is allowed two terms (if there is anything left of America by then), Trump agrees to give false information, implicating only patriots.

He “cooperates” with the FBI and tells them that Mike Pompeio, James Mattis, Rex Tillerson and John Kelly are also secret Russian spies. They are all promptly removed from their posts. Steven Feinberg, who happens to be conducting a review of the CIA and FBI, finds evidence that not only Pompeio but James Comey and James Clapper are Russian spies, who have been hiding evidence that Russia tampered with the elections to favour Trump. A purge of patriots in the CIA and FBI begins under the pretext of weeding out Russian spies.

Meanwhile, in the Ukraine, tensions escalate. A false flag operation is launched by Globalists in the Ukraine against Russia. Russia retaliates.

Mike Pence, supported by Steve Bannon, steps into Trump’s shoes, is inaugurated President, appoints Globalists to fill the vacant positions. John McCain is appointed to the Pentagon. Marco Rubio to the State Department and Paul Ryan to Homeland Security . Together, they agree to order US troops to attack Russia. NATO and Europe, especially Merkel, immediately commit their troops. World War Three begins.

Still sitting on the National Security Council is Steve Bannon. While the spotlight is on McTaggart, he starts to leak information to China.

The information encourages China to attack the USA.

The USA finds itself in a two front war while the departments of defence and homeland security are paralyzed, making it a tempting target.

The fact that civil war has also broken out also tempts China to launch a sudden mass invasion. The new homeland security chief proves surprisingly cooperative in asking Chinese troops to “impose order” since most US troops have been deployed tor are in the process of being deployed to Europe to fight Russia and the USA is facing daily attacks from ISIS terrorists, blowing up churches and killing and raping Christians in the heartlands of America.

What can be done to stop this scenario unfolding?

It may be that some part of it has already been unfolded. Someone like KT McTaggart may already have leaked information to Russia. Someone like Bannon may already be using that information to blackmail Trump. After all, even though Bannon pressured Trump to appoint McTaggart, Bannon is careful to leave no paper trail. Trump signed the papers.

Now this is just a scenario. But all the chess pieces have already been put into place to turn this storyline or a slight variation of it into reality.

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