A couple of weeks ago, I received a notice that a puppet of my readers, George Soros and Alexis Tsipras, now formally accused in my case in Greece,…


…would apply to search through my bank accounts, specifically at Deutsche Bank, the bank  where Donald Trump as well as Ivanka and Jared Kushner have their bank accounts, although they are American citizens (whereas I happened to be living in Germany when I opened my account).

I have nothing at all to hide, no money from Russia, no payment even for my interview with Russian state TV in June in spite of this being agreed as a condition, no dodgy loans of any kind, no undeclared or dodge source of income or any income, no fraudulent social security transfers, nothing to hide, nothing I can blackmailed over.

But what if I were Donald Trump or Ivanka and Jared Kushner with 100s of millions of loans from Deutsche Bank guaranteed by dodgy Moscow money laundering ooperations, for example? Might I not be panicking at the thought of their discovery, their recall and looming bankruptcy and disgrace? Might I not be willing to sell out the USA and everyone to try to save my skin by agreeing to do the bidding of Soros in return for loans now as well as political power?

The pdf document giving Tsipras and his government a pseudo authorization to audit all my assets, also by Deutsche Bank account, in Greek is here…


The notice was sent to me by Simos Samaras, the lawyer who is under investigation for being part of a crime ring controlled by George Soros and Alexis Tsipras, for covering up murder attempts against me on account of my blog posts, and for hacking my blog after misusing a legally flawed and invalid temporary injunction.

He is now using false misrepresentation claiming I owe him costs of 746 euros (See page 9 Pt I. 1.) after I lost his temporary injunction, because of the evident corruption of the judge. The judge’s corruption was so evident that not even Samaras dared applied for a permanent injunction.

He sent me a notification (which I received only by chance) that if I did not pay this sum of 748 euros within 24 hours, he would use Greece’s government machinery to investigate all my assets abroad and confiscate the sum. (See page 24, Pt IV. 2.

My lawyer told me not to bother with it or with his demand that I take down a long list of blog posts about Alexis Tsipras and Soros as it had no legal backing.

I did send an email to my bank, Deutsche Bank, warning them that Simos Samaras on behalf of Alexis Tsipras and George Soros were seeking to obtain through false pretences and fraudulent misrepresentation information about my bank accounts and assets, and that they are under a legal obligation to refuse to give information in these conditions.

Let them try to obtain illegal access and and give me another opening to file charges against them as far as I am concerned. If Deutsche Bank gives Soros and Tsipras information, it also is going to expose itself to a lawsuit.

As for Trump, Jared and Ivanka Kushner, their reaction to a pending exposure might have been compliance with Soros and co.

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