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Bioterrorists could one day kill hundreds of millions of people in an attack more deadly than nuclear war, Bill Gates will warn world leaders.

Rapid advances in genetic engineering have opened the door for small terrorism groups to tailor and easily turn biological viruses into weapons.

A resulting disease pandemic is currently one of the most deadly threats faced by the world, he believes, yet governments are complacent about the scale of the risk.

Speaking ahead of an address to the Munich Security Conference, the richest man in the world said that while governments are concerned with the proliferation of nuclear and chemical weapons, they are overlooking the threat of biological warfare.

“Because the population is naïve, there are no real preparations”
Bill Gates

Mr Gates, whose charitable foundation is funding research into quickly spotting outbreaks and speeding up vaccine production, said the defence and security establishment “have not been following biology and I’m here to bring them a little bit of bad news”.

Gates is right. Bioterrorism orchestrated by the likes of Bill Gates and George Soros could kill billions and there has been nothing between them and their attempts to start false flag pandemics in the past nine years apart from my blog. That is why they target me constantly. The attacks continue under Donald Trump, another reason why I believe he is a false flag candidate controlled by George Soros, proven to be an avid reader of my blog.


I think the Pentagon has to get its act together fast, although I do not believe the Globalists can manage bioterrorism on a large scale. That is why their biological warfare employs vaccines given directly to victims under emergency rules by WHO for false flag pandemics.

But the quickest way of stopping the Globalists is simply to have them arrested. We all know in the meantime that it will almost certainly be the likes of Gates, Soros, Rockefeller, Ely Broad and Ted Turner who will be behind any major bioterrorism outbreak.

The Sunday Times even reported these people met in secret in 2009 to discuss curbing the world’s population.




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