Michael Flynn paid 40G for appearance at Russia Today party in 2015. Cover for bribe?

From New York Daily News

Former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn received about $40,000 for his appearance at a 2015 Russia Today party — one of a handful of visits to Moscow that the disgraced ex-Trump aide is now under fire for, following his departure from the White House.

Flynn was paid the sum for appearing at RT’s 10th anniversary celebration in 2015, The New Yorker magazine reported in a far-reaching profile of Flynn published Monday.


Just to repeat, I have still not been paid for my interview with Russian state TV in June about biological warfare, although I made a payment a condition for my interview.

So, it  is by no means self evident that Russian state TV pays up.

I have to say I find the 40 thousand dollars that Flynn received for attending a Russia TV party excessive, and a case can be made that the payment was a cover for a bribe. The Pentagon has no record of the payment, also suggesting Flynn was trying to hide something.

That said, Vladimir Putin may not have known about the payment either. Russia Today which  regularly features Globalist disinfo agents such as Alex Jones and Max Kaiser etc is, in my view, a Globalist controlled channel, specifically by the Globalist fraction around the private Russian central bank and Prime Minister Dimitri Medvedev.

At any rate, the fact that Flynn let Steve Bannon sit on the National Security Council together with other doubtful characters is very suspicions.

Another Flynn pick Rob Towley was denied a security clearance by the CIA, something which may have prompted Donald Trump to yell at the new  agency director Mike Pompeo.


A big question mark surely has to be raised over Trump’s Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Getting a Globalist insider into this position would be crucial.

Sessions aide Stephen Miller is also trying to circumvent legal channels to allow Trump to break the law in his travel ban, barring green card holders.


Green card holders cannot be classified as aliens or immigrants. They have been issued a document by US authorities. If green card holders can be suddenly banned from entering the USA by a presidential decree, then it follows any one can, including US citizens.




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