FT: Trump laundered dirty money for Kazahk family. Kazahkstan also site of biological weapons facility producing plague, which Russian journalist who named Priebus, Pence and Kushner, questioned me about

A Financial Times investigation  found evidence that one Donald Trump’s venture has multiple ties to an alleged international money laundering network.        


The plot thickens. The Russian journalist working for state TV told me that the Russian and Kazakh secret services were interested in my blog.

I assumed at the time that it was because Kazahkstan has a huge biological weapons and warfare site. The journalist persistently asked me whether I thought there was a danger of plague being used as a bioweapon.

I said I did not think so as plague is a bacterial infection which can be carried by rodents and therefore, would be something the Globalists could not control.

Even if they barricaded themselves on a remote island, the disruption caused by plague would mean they would lose all control over the outcome, and end up being infected themselves, especially if plague mutated and strains could be carried by say birds or fish.

In retrospect, there may be an additional reason for the involvement of Kazahstan, and that is Trump front of George Soros…


“Title deeds, bank records and correspondence show that a Kazakh family accused of laundering hundreds of millions of stolen dollars bought luxury apartments in a Manhattan tower part-owned by Mr Trump and embarked on major business ventures with one of the tycoon’s partners.”
“Among the dozens of companies the Almaty lawyers say the Khrapunov laundering network used were three called Soho 3310, Soho 3311 and Soho 3203. Each was a limited liability company, meaning their ownership could easily be concealed. The companies were created in April 2013 in New York. A week later, property records show, they paid a total of $3.1m to buy the apartments that corresponded with their names in the Trump Soho, a 46-storey luxury hotel-condominium completed in 2010 in a chic corner of Manhattan.”    

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