One day after I revealed on this blog on Wednesday, that a Russian journalist working for state TV who interview me on biological warfare had named Jared Kushner as a contact who would help him get visas to the USA, the Guardian reported that Kushner’s account at Deutsche Bank was under investigation for suspicions connections to Russia.


The Guardian reported on Thursday that Deutsche Bank examined accounts held by Jared Kushner, his wife Ivanka Trump, and Kushner’s mother.

Deutsche Bank was also looking at “recent loans to Trump, which were struck in highly unusual circumstances, may have been underpinned by financial guarantees from Moscow.”

The news that Kushner’s Deutsche Bank’s account was being examined for suspicions funds underlines that the journalist called Sasha may have had some kind of inside information when he named him.

The journalist, who told me the Russian and Kazahkstan intelligence services were interested in my blog, also named the Vice President Mike Pence and Reince Priebus as two other contacts, who would facilate visas.

Sasha also named Steve Bannon, a key “shadow” advisor of Trump, who now sits on the national security council, as a target to be interviewed on financial warfare and implied he was someone whom Kushner, Priebus and Pence could obtain expedited visas.

It was a very hot day in June, over forty degrees, (and Larisa is very humid due because it is surrounded by mountains) and I remember being exhausted from the heat but also the general stress and work on my case. So I cannot be a hundred per cent sure Sasha named Kushner, Pence and Priebus, but I am 97% sure. I recognized these names when they all appeared together as the inside core entourage of Trump along with Bannon.

Bannon is a well known editor of Brietbart, which is funded by a hedge fund magnate Robert Mercer, who played a big role in getting Bannon hired as Trump’s advisor.


Crucially, both Trump and Kushner have also recently received hundreds of millions of dollars from Billionaire and Globalist George Soros to bankroll their property empires, media report.


It is also alleged that Soros “let Trump off the hook for a loan which has been valued at between $82 and $312 million dollars.”


At the very least, it opens both Trump and Kushner to blackmail by Soros and shadowy Russian oligarchs.

But another blackmail angle may be the large numbers of properties that Trump has sold to Russians. The deals may have been done in cash, allowing Russans to launder cash.

The New York Times also reports that the Kushners have bought 7 billion dollars worth of property financed by opaque foreign money, much of which could be Russian cash or front companies used by Russian oligarchs.


Trump sold a mansion in Palm Beach, Florida, to Russian billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev for 95 million dollars, in 2008, reports CNN.


Did Rybolovlev pay in cash and was the property overvalued?

In that case, Trump may well have been using his property empire as a front to help a Russian oligarch launder  cash.

But it is not just one mansion that Trump sold to a Russian oligarch. He sold large numbers of properties to Russians. If these deals were closed in cash, then there are real reasons to believe Trump has used his property empire as a front to launder Russian money.

“In 2008, Donald Trump Jr. said Trump’s businesses “see a lot of money pouring in from Russia.”
“And in terms of high-end product influx into the US, Russians make up a pretty disproportionate cross-section of a lot of our assets; say in Dubai, and certainly with our project in SoHo and anywhere in New York. We see a lot of money pouring in from Russia. There’s indeed a lot of money coming for new-builds and resale reflecting a trend in the Russian economy and, of course, the weak dollar versus the ruble,” he said.

Trump partnered with the Bayrock Group, a company run by Soviet immigrants, and according to a lawsuit filed, financed by Russian and Kazakhstan money. Together, they developed Trump properties in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and New York.

Dolly Lenz, a real estate broker in New York, said she sold about 65 units in Trump World Tower, a condominium tower at 845 U.N. Plaza in Manhattan, to Russian buyers looking for real estate investments in the late 1990s. “I had contacts in Moscow looking to invest in the United States,” Lenz said. “’What do you have to recommend?’ They all wanted to meet Donald. They became very friendly.”


Why did the Russians all want to meet Trump? Was it because they knew he would help them launder their money?

“Ilya Reznik, who said he’s sold dozens of condominiums to Russians in Trump properties in south Florida, said his clients like Trump’s reputation for high quality luxury that’s priced right. “They’re businessmen, not too many politicians,” Reznik said.

The bottom line is that both Trump and Kushner are open to blackmail by Soros and Russian oligarchs if their business model depends on money launders and special credit lines to stay afloat.

Michael Flynn’s payments from Russia TV, RT, should also be examined in the light of this information.

“In December 2015, Flynn traveled to Moscow and sat next to Putin at a gala for the Russian news channel RT.”

I still have not been paid by Russian state TV even though I asked for payment for my interview on biological warfare in summer, which is fair enough. So, being paid by Russian TV for regular work is not self evident , as I can testify. That begs the question, why did Flynn get special treatment and get paid?

After I all, I got paid when I wrote for The Guardian about anthrax in 2001, for example.


Screenshot (1742).png

I do this blog because biological warfare by the Globalist cabal of Soros and Bill Gates is such a huge threat to humanity, and because no one else covers this topic. But I do not enjoy it or get paid for it. All I get is smears, threats and danger.

My take on the situation is that Russian President Vladimir Putin genuinely does not war with the west, something that George Soros is constantly trying to engineer. He and his band of oligarchs depend on sales of gas to Europe to fund half the government, and they know they are going to lose a war.

They just want to enjoy their rolex watches, mega yachts and vast offshore bank accounts as well as luxury property in Trump tower etc in peace. That is why, I believe, when push comes to shove, Putin will also not take on the private central bank controlled by New World Order Globalists. Too much hassle for the luxury loving types.

But a Globalist camp inside Russia and the USA is trying to engineer World War Three and the collapse of the USA and also biological warfare.

In retrospect, I believe the journalist was actually sent to probe me for what I thought about US preparedness for biological warfare. He was very focussed on the plague.

If Trump and his close team are all in their pocket, then that is very dangerous for the USA indeed.

Patriots like James Mattis, Rex Tillerson, John Kelly and Mike Pompeio may end up being tarred with the same brush.

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