Fascist fashion icon Milo caught defending paedophilia. The axe for the Breitbart editor?

Breitbart ‘plans to fire senior editor Milo Yiannopoulos’ over ‘pro-paedophilia’ video footage

Breitbart is reportedly planning to fire their senior editor Milo Yiannopoulos over apparently pro-paedophilia remarks he made in a newly surfaced podcast.

Mr Yiannopoulos, a vocal Donald Trump supporter who rose to fame for his far-right views, has sparked outrage since footage emerged of him appearing to endorse sexual relationships between “younger boys and older men”.

The “alt-right” figurehead, who was permanently banned from Twitter in July after claims he helped lead the racist and sexist abuse of Ghostbusters actor Leslie Jones, has had his book deal with publisher Simon & Schuster pulled in the wake of the remarks. He has also been dropped from speaking at the prestigious Conservative Political Action (CPAC) conference, which will feature President Trump and Vice-President Mike Pence, in Maryland next week.


Alex Jones has come out and tried to defend Milo for his remarks. Unacceptable.

Milo is clearly implying in the tape that its okay for an adult of 25 to 28 years old to take advantage of a boy of 13 years old in an emotionally needy state to obtain sex. Reading between the lines, he has done it himself and he may be trying to justify it.

Now, I get just how hard it can be for gay men like Milo to obtain sex.  When I visited the island of Patmos, I was told by a credible local that some of the monks (he estimated 10%) belonging to the monastery of St John paid young men on the island for gay sex in cars.

The person told me the monks couldn’t get anyone to sleep with them of their free will. He had also rejected their advances as a young man. Because there was no one willing to have sex with them, they had to pay large amounts of money to young men, exploiting the poorer sections of the island population for their physical satisfaction.

Whether someone is poor in cash or poor in family support, the ruthless predatory exploitation of the monks and Milo is to be condemned.

By all means, adults should give love, support and money to young children. But they absolutely should not make sex with them a condition as Milo does, damaging their development. Our whole society depends on adults giving love to children unconditionally.

Milo is a walking example of a person who may have been damaged by paedophilia. A fascist style fashion icon (Hugo Boss made uniforms for the Nazis), he promotes hatred, division and intolerance…for everyone except paedophiles, it seems.

If Milo wants relationships with older gay men, he should go to Patmos where, it seems, there will be lots of monks over the age of consent willing to be his partners in return for emotional support and guidance. Leave small children alone!

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