McMaster admits USA lacks strategy for dealing with today’s threats. Why?


The new National Security Advisor General HR McMaster recently told cadets that the United States confronts a range of enemies but lacks the strategic competence to deal with them. He shows an admirable frankness.

If I may venture a thought, the lack of competence is largely due to the fact that US military is still thinking in the compartmentalized terms given to them by the Globalist system and media such as “states” and “revisonist states”.

In a similar way, most people are totally confused about, say, how the financial system works. They have no clue why JFK’s issuance of debt free Treasury bills was such a vital step to restoring prosperity to the USA, no idea why Wall Street and the private Fed Reserve assassinated him for it.

This is because most people, even economists and bankers are still thinking in the terms that were given to them by the very same educational and media system that has been built by the Globalists precisely to hide the source of their power and wealth and to prevent lateral, creative thinking.

Yet, if the USA does not restore prosperity, it cannot rebuild the military. So understanding how the financial system and economy really work should be a priority for the US military. I personally have not heard of one study or article on the fractional reserve banking system in any US military publication. The assumption is the Treasury and the Federal Reserve are serving the US people’s interests, when the opposite is the case. Also, the  modern fractional reserve banking system makes economic collapse inevitable. It cannot, therefore, be ignored.

It is no accident that JF Kennedy, a lateral thinker, taking an interest in the Treasury and Fed, was also the one who spoke out about a “monolithic and ruthless conspiracy”. It was the one which eventually killed him precisely because he did not stay in his box, and just sign off on the Treasury papers handed to him by self serving Wall Street bankers.

Most US military personnel do not challenge the Globalist agenda. They have unwittingly furthered its aims. Because they have stayed within their lanes, they have not encoungered the “monolithic and ruthless conspiracy”, and probably think it does not exist in spite of JFK’s remarks.

“In one of many acknowledgments of the limits of human understanding, McMaster admits that the United States lacks a grand strategy to approach these threats. Confusion on the matter runs deep.”

The USA lacks a grand strategy to approach threats because it is is dealing not primarily with threats from individual states. It is dealing with a Global “monolithic and ruthless conspiracy”.

It is dealing with a trans national or supra national corporate and banking cartel aiming to install a one world government. This supra national group can hijack states for its ends.

For example, Greece, Albania, Macedonia and the Ukraine have all been hijacked to serve the ends not of the people living in them but of the Globalists, and through infilitrated US embassies. Wars are fomented for geopolitical reasons by the Globalists. It controls the mainstream media and much of the alternative media and so the flow of information to populations, including the military.

Supranational entities such as the EU, UN etc are created not to further democracy, freedom and peace. They are the the models of Max Weber’s totalitarian bureaucracies that are erected over sovereign countries for control. They introduce regional currencies to serve as the building blocs designed to one day be fitted together to form a one world currency, a one world bank and a one world government.

The Globalists also pursue population reduction,
using nefarious means, such as bioterrorism and vaccines. This is delivered to target populations by supranational bureaucracies like WHO while the mainstream media spreads a wall of confusion.

“Rather than recognizing the interactive nature of the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya, for example, our strategies were based mainly on how we would prefer to fight,” he said. “We announce publicly, often years in advance, how we intend to limit our level of effort.”

The US military strategies are based mainly on how the generals would prefer to fight, and not how they must fight to protect America. Let’s be frank and say that fighting an enemy on a battle field is perferable to fighting a “monolithic and ruthless conspiracy”. The one is clear cut and does not require that much reflection or thought. The other is uncertain, complex, constantly changing, and, therefore, more threatening.

The generals have self limited their level of effort and knowledge by refusing to consider what virtually every second American, in the meantime, now knows to be true. That there is a Globalist shadow government. There is a “monolithic and ruthless conspiracy.”

“Most important to regaining strategic competence, McMaster underscored, is “knowing ourselves” and the enemy: understanding the ultimate end of a conflict, the means necessary to achieve it, and America’s values. This knowledge will give America the will to prevail.”

To know themselves, the generals must acknowledge that they have spent most of their careers in a comfort zone where there may be confusion on the battle field, but on the parade grounds, bootcamps and in the text books all is clear. They receive their orders, work their way up the ranks, are given ever greater assignments in the system and get medals.

But now that US military system has to be reformed to accomodate at least the hypothetical possibility that there is a “monolithic and ruthless conspiracy” to enable the top brass to gather intelligence about it and formulate strategies to counter it. Not least to be in tune with the population, who have awoken to it faster than the static, military institutions.


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