Vlad, the cad?

Russian President Vladimir Putin is reported to have amassed as much as 200 billion dollars from his control of oil and gas assets, says the Daily Mail.

It wouldn’t surprise me if  Putin and his band of oligarchs drain off half of all the revenue from oil and gas for their personal use. Mind you, that would be better than the nineties neocon oligarchs, who took all of it.


Russia does not have a strongly developed domestic industry and with the private Russian central bank imposing punishing interest rates of 10% plus, it is not going to ever develop one either, leaving the average Russian pretty tough life.

But at least, Vlad, the luxury loving spendthrift, does not give his people damaging vaccines, GMO foods or other soft kill weapons. He simply has too few of them left after the ravages of the neocon oligarchs may have wiped out around a third of the population.

Age-adjusted mortality in Russia rose by almost 33% between 1990 and 1994. During that period, life expectancy for Russian men and women declined dramatically from 63.8 and 74.4 years to 57.7 and 71.2 years, respectively.


Believe me when I say the Russian oligarchs and their families are a pretty nasty lot.

I know one architect in Vienna who built a gold plated palace for an oligarch only to find the oligarch refuse to pay her. She took him to court only to be warned she might not live. She took him to court anyway and won and the oligarch paid up, a pittance for him.

Another elderly teacher asked to be paid for teaching the two small children of an oligarch after six months. He took a gun out of desk and pointed it at her.  She never received her payment.

And those are just some stories…

But that does not mean to say I think an engineered world war three with Russia on behalf of George Soros and other Globalists is a good idea.


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