Steven Bannon, the unelected advisor of Donald Trump, with the status of an advisor, whose funding is opaque and which, for all we know, could come from George Soros and Russian oligarchs, is still today, as I write this report, the most powerful man in the USA, more powerful even than Trump.

Thanks to an executive order signed by Trump, Bannon was able to assume a position on the main committee of the National Security Council. This is the key body that decides foreign policy issues that do not go to the president and which frames the choices for him, according to the New York Times.

At the same time, Bannon’s rivals were downgraded or removed from the council altogether, further increasing Bannon’s power over this pivotal council. The director of national intelligence and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff were side lined. Homeland Security and the CIA were thrown off it.

His vociferous style and tactic of apparently shouting down all critics seems aimed at establishing his absolute authority.

He has instituted a reign of terror, firing anyone who murmurs any criticism of Trump, according to reports, and even spying on council members.

Now Trump has lamely claimed, according to the New York Times, that he did not know that he was making such a substantive change. Oh, no, Trump had no idea that he had made an unprecedented transfer of power into the hands of an unelected advisor with no official status in the administration at all.

The Trump team just copied and pasted changes into an organization charge inherited from Obama. It just so happened that they resulted in Bannon assuming the power of a feudal king. How did that happen? The name Bannon must have just been accidentally been pasted into the chart where it said “enter the name of the new Fuhrer here.”

Trump says he was surprised at the blowback that resulted from his sanctioning a secret coup d etat by former Goldman Sachs banker and far right Breitbart editor Bannon of the most powerful body in the USA. That even thought two top generals turned down the position precisely because of Bannon. It was all over the media. Oh, but Trump was taken aback, amazed.

Trump blames Michael Flynn for not making him aware of the significance of the changes or how they would be perceived.

But even though now it must be clear to him that a cross party consensus has emerged that Bannon must go, Trump still has not removed him as of Thursday 23 February 2017.

His new National Security Advisor HR McMaster, an active duty officer, has to go to Trump to ask for him to be removed in spite of Trump’s promise to McMaster that he could determine the make up of the council.

So, what might be the real reason why can’t Trump let go of Bannon?

Now that Flynn is gone, Bannon is his shield, allowing Trump to plausibly deny knowing about any future key decisions, detrimental to the USA.

“But Bannon never made me aware that we had just declared nuclear war on Russia…, that we had such serious leaks…, that our computers were hacked…that all these parallel power structures Bannon (and Kushner) created would paralyze our government….that Bannon kept citing me as the basis of his authority when he declared war on China too, really I had no idea and I am surprised at the intensity of the blowback…”

The tacit implication with this approach is that if Trump had known, he would have acted differently. He is not to blame for wrong decisions. Bannon is.

It was used by Hitler in World War Two when Hitler hermetically sealed himself off in a tight inner circle. The desperate generals who went to Hitler to warn him the Eastern front was about to collapse, the Western front was about to collapse etc were left with the impression that Hitler, like Trump, would have acted differently if he had not been surrounded by so many manipulative aides.

“If Hitler only knew the fifth army is on the verge of collapse in Stalingrad, he would pull them back immediately. But that Martin Bormann is hiding it from him…”

“If Hitler only knew half of Berlin has been destroyed by air raids, he would end the war. But Bormann is hiding if from him…”

In fact, Bannon has assumed a role very similar to the role of Martin Bormann in Nazi Germany, which is Hitler’s shield and punch bag. That should not surprise us considering Bannon is a student of Nazi German history.

Bormann and other Nazis deliberately created parallel power structures to create confusion. This strengthened the hand of Bormann who could always claim to be doing the will of Hitler and basing his authority on  him, given his close relationship and access to him

Well, as of this week, Trump does know beyond any doubt that Bannon is considered a high security and risk on the council by virtually everyone. But, surprise, Trump still won’t remove him.

His bluff has been called again.

It’s time to impeach Trump.

Either he is telling the truth when says that he did not know that Bannon would be so powerful, in which case he is unfit to be president. Or he is lying through his teeth, was well aware of the implications, in which case he is also unfit to be president.

The tactic of plausible denial depends on no one being able to prove one way or another that Trump really did not know.

But let’s consider the long list of all the things Trump claims now implicitly or explicitly not to know or have known.

He didn’t know that he had signed off on 15 ambassadors  in violation of his agreement with Rex Tillerson, 15 ambassadors of the worst swamp alligator kind.

He didn’t know that Bannon’s blockages means that the Pentagon has no staff to get the budget in by the April deadline.

He didn’t know that his White House staff has been among the slowest ever to vet officials, paralyzing departments.

He didn’t know that giving another unelected official, his son in law, Jared Kushner, financed by the same consortium of George Soros and Deutsche Bank, as he himself, nebulous but in practise total control over foreign policy, would create a shadow secretary of state and confusion.

He didn’t know his federal hiring freeze would make it impossible for Tilleron to fill all the vacant posts and paralyze federal government.

He didn’t know he could fill the four seats in the Federal Reserve with people favouring low interest rates rather than keeping ringing the Fed and pleading with them, as Alex Jones implies.

He didn’t know that signing an executive order barring green card holders and visa holders could be challenged by the courts. And so end up having the opposite effect of allowing thousands of ISIS fighters pour into the country.

He didn’t know he could sign an executive mandate ending the Obamacare penalty.

He didn’t know he could repeal the federal power grab over the election infrastructure.

He didn’t know he repeal the federal grab over the internet.

He didn’t know Obamacare and tax cuts would take so long to implement. 2018? 2019?

He didn’t know that when he gave his infamous press conference, he was not naming actual achievements, just plans for future properity that could easily be reversed. Even the Mexico wall can still be stopped if he loses the midterms.

He didn’t know that when he stepped before the press, he was not addressing the American people without filters. How could he be expected to know that the mainstream media channels would edit his 77 minute long rant?

He did not know that when he praised a Never Trumper for being a good ally (unity is so important to him), he had rejected candidates presented by Tillerson and James Mattis for that same reason on the advice of Bannon.

He did not know that reports of the White House dysfunction (leaks, firing of Flynn, Priebus’s activities) were all over the alternative media, and that claiming the White House was fine tuned machine would make him look a liar among all his voters.

Oh, and he didn’t know he runs the ultimate money laundering machine and is eminently blackmailable.

He has withheld his tax returns on a whim.

Trump is not  a fool. He is a liar.

Since it is now clear that Trump  comes with a shadow government of Bannon, Kushner, Priebus and Pence, Trump must go.

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