Why is Bannon not forced to resign over Milo paedophilia scandal?


Steven Bannon will appear with the discredited Trump team of Reince Priebus, Mike Pence, Kellyanne Conway  at a conservative conference,  CPAC, today in spite of his role in promoting Milo Yiannopoulos, whom, it has emerged, forcefully defended paedophilia.


Milo is a protege of Bannon as Milo has often said.

It is incomprehensible why Milo’s enabler Bannon has not been forced to resign over his role in giving Milo a platform. Milo with the help of Bannon has become a popular icon. Is it a coincidence? Did Bannon really have no idea that his hand picked young trendy tech editor was not entangled in tales of little boys and grown up men?

This is 2017 when child sex trafficking, snuff films, paedophilia has reached horrendous proportions. Paedophiles shouldn t be encouraged by icons like Milo.

The likes of Julian Assange have been quick to lambast liberals for being so narrow in condemning Milo.

But the former soldier turned ancient Greek philospher Socrates also condemned homosexual relations between young boys and adults. Was he a liberal too, showing the twisted logic so preferred by leftists as Milo would claim? A layabout leading a pampered existence with a jaded world view?

When Odysseus goes to Hades, he shudders when he sees the mother of Oedipus and thinks about the unatural act of how he, her son slept with his mother, albeit unknowingly. Was Odysseus, the tough Greek fighter, who sacked Troy, a liberal?

Athene (a goddess or mouthpiece of Homer) says that anyone who seduces the wife of another man when he is absent and then kills him when he returns deserves death. Was she or Homer virtue signalling leftists?

No, Plato and Homer express an ancient and universally recognized understanding that human beings need an unusually long time to develop to maturity, and they need adults as teachers, guides and role models.

Some animals are born one day and can run around the next. An average human being, by contrast, needs a year to being to walk and use a few words. For a very long period of time, children are, inevitably, dependent on the protection of adults.

But when human beings do reach emotional, physical and intellectural maturity and automony successfully, they are capable of much greater achievements like writing great epics, discovering the mathematics of the universe etc. Therefore, successful human societies like the ancient Greek society protect children and place great value marriage based on love and families as units of protection.

But broken people, who refuse to face their inner turmoil, and get help to move forwards, may well try to denigrate  anyone who rejects paedophilia as a narrow liberal.

They can do so from behind bars as far as the rest of us are concerned, Milo and Bannon.


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