Trump entangled?


How Donald Trump can still repulse any blackmail attempt and be victorious in seven easy steps.

This post is based on the assumption that Donald Trump may be being blackmailed, a possibility opened by his creditlines to George Soros and Deutsche Bank among others. He could also be blackmailed by the Russian central bank, which may have information on any laundered money used by Russian Oligarchs or corrupt officials to buy his real estate.

But, in seven steps, Trump could still evade impeachment and come out victorious if it is, indeed, the case that some one may be putting the screws on him.

Step 1. Go to the Generals etc, come clean and offer to help transition the administration to one of patriots in return to an amnesty for himself and family members. Be ready to slap criminal charges on anyone who threatens to blackmail him or leak info.

Depart together with the cast of Tintin villains he has brought into the White House, led by Steve Bannon and Reince Priebus, Steve Mnuchin and Wilbur Ross, and leaving Mike Pence as acting President.

2. Instruct Mike Pence to appoint either James Mattis, John Kelly, Rex Tillerson as Vice President before Pence himself departs, giving the USA a new president.

3. Sucessfully sue the banks who have bankrupted him four times in the past using the arguments of Jerome Daly in the Credit River case which are still valid today.

In a nutshell. Since banks did not give anything of value in the first place when they gave Jerome Daly a mortgage (they just printed money out of thin air as a book keeping entry), Daly successfully argued they had no right to foreclose on his house (or to the interest).

Obtain his lost billions  back plus punitive damages of tens of billions more for fraud (fraud vitiates all contracts).

4. Write a bestseller called “How I broke Wall Street”, inspiring tens of millions of Americans to use the same argument of Jerome Daly and due process to compel banks to cancel their mortgages and personal debts.

5. Start a movement to renationalize the Federal Reserve, and succeed in getting the US government to print debt free money.

6. Write a bestseller called “Only President for a season… How I took on the Federal Reserve and won.”

7. Wait as prosperity returns to the USA, job growth soars, welfare demand  drops, and claim the credit for the economic wonder in another bestseller (“How I MAGA”)

8. Launch a campaign to abolish the IRS and get it abolished.

9. Enjoy celebrity status and enormous personal wealth in a newly prosperous country…


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