Why Trump’s resignation immediately is also in the best interests of Russian oligarchs

Donald Trump omitted to mention Russia during his address to Congress Tuesday evening.


His startling omission follows the revelation that his team have been using a secret and illegal encryption app, presumably to circumvent detection of his contacts to Russian oligarchs and officials, who seem to have given him bribes in the form of dodgy business loans and overpriced, cash real estate purchases.

My message to Russia given that the country’s intelligence service, the FSB, takes an interest in my blog according to a Russian TV journalist who interviewed me about biological warfare in Larisa in the summer.

Russia, a weak and corrupt state badly hammered by the US neo cons in the 1990s and run by feuding oligarchs, has the right to try to de escalate World War Three tensions engineered by Globalists like George Soros and his minion Geoffrey Pyatt.

Exposing Hillary Clinton’s corruption was also in order. She is corrupt.

Furthermore, Russia has the right to seek the easing of sanctions since evidence shows it did not annex the Crimea. On the contrary, the ethnic Russians opted to leave the Ukraine in a referendum after Soros orchestrated a colour revolution and installed a fascist neo con regime.

Russia also has the right to seek closer business ties to develop its economy to the mutual benefit of Russians and foreign investors in open and transparent deals of the kind it makes with Exxon.

But Russia did not have the right to scheme to oust Clinton only to install what seems to be a puppet regime in Washington bent on destroying the USA and its institutions from within.

Unfortunately, the obvious and total incompetence of the US intelligence agencies (something to which my blog testifies every day for I, a journalist with no income, facing constant murder attempts,  should not be doing the work of  well paid FBI and other US intelligence officials, filling in their gaps on covert biological warfare, year in, year out as I plainly do do to uncomprehending Russian TV journalists like Sasha)  may have been an open invitation to Russia to do just that.

FSB agents, often the pampered children of the ruthless oligarchs, have become so arrogant they filmed themselves parading through Moscow in a luxury convoy this summer.


That very incompetence of the FBI and US officials may also have nurtured in Russian oligarchs and officials an arrogance, a carelessness, which has lead to the spotlight being turned on their links to Trump in just one month.

For as soon as the FBI did turn up at the White House, the secret and illegal communication system was revealed as was the attempt to hide it.

In short, the Russian oligarchs like Soros and other greedy individuals simply do not know when to stop.

They could have had a new era of better relationships, peace, better economic ties with the USA.

Now, they are facing international arrest warrants and pariah status throughout the world.

In their position, I would get Trump to resign quickly to avoid more scrutiny into his affairs and use their leverage to help hand the US government back to proven patriots like James Mattis, Chuck Hagel, Rex Tillerson etc. After all,  US patriots in power in Washington are better than George Soros and his minions for Russia’s prospects.

Then they might still be able to achieve their legitimate political ambitions of better relations with the USA. If they wait too long and facts emerge showing they have secret financial leverage on Trump and his truly villainous inner core of Steve Bannon, Jared Kushner and Reince Priebus, they might find their days of money laundering and luxury living are over and faster than they think.

Imagine someone like Spicer or Priebus or Kushner implicates Vladimir Putin during an interrogation. The CIA has been authorized to use waterboarding by Trump, after all. If evidence emerges that Trump concealed, for example, tax returns with dodgy financial dealings with Russians from the intelligence community, Trump might even find himself being waterboarded to extract information. The US intelligence officials will be ruthless in pursuing all avenues if they come to believe a foreign and hostile power has heaved plants into the White House.

Trump has to get real if he thinks he can pull off this scam any longer. His popularity has already collapsed.  Pathetic numbers answered his call to rally for him.


He is the grandson of a brothel keeper, after all, according to Bild.


The American people can tell who is a paid pimp, pimping them out to foreign powers, and who is not, when the time comes to walk the talk.

Trump is now not walking into the hall of fame. He is walking down a gang plank.





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