Sergey Kislyak, the Russian ambassador to the USA, has secretly cultivated the most powerful members of Donald Trump’s administration, including Michael Flynn, Jared Kushner as well as JD Gordon, Carter Page and Jeff Sessions, it has emerged.



Moreover, Kislyak, an expert on arms control negotiations, including bioterrorism,  may have been instrumental in  a “Soviet style purge” of Trump’s original transition team and Cabinet picks by Flynn and Kushner on November 1oth just after Trump won the election.


The purge saw the strategic elimination of US politicians, military and intelligence officials, who played a key role in stopping an engineered Ebola epidemic in 2014, including New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

The Washington Post reports that there were “a series of contacts between Flynn and Kislyak that began before the Nov. 8 election and continued during the transition, officials said. In a recent interview, Kislyak confirmed that he had communicated with Flynn by text message, by phone and in person, but declined to say whether they had discussed sanctions.”


This was around the time, Thursday, November 10th, when Kushner and Flynn purged from Trump’s original candidates for cabinet and positions.

On November 10th 2016, I posted that Trump was poised to put formidable figures who played a key role in stopping Ebola from engulfing the USA onto his cabinet. The time difference between Greece and Washington is 7 hours, meaning that any afternoon posts I write can be read early morning in Washington.

The Russian journalist who interviewed me in the summer about biological warfare in Greece told me that the Russian and Kazahk intelligence services take an interest in my blog.

Kislyak, who was appointed ambassador to the USA in 2008 by Dimitri Medvedev, also focusses on bioterrorism as part of his arms control work. My blog might, therefore, be of especial interest to him.

In 2008, then Deputy Foreign Minister  Kislyak hosted an arms control meeting with US counterparts in Moscow to discuss, among other things, planning for a bioterrorism table top exercise.


It, therefore, cannot be ruled out that they and Kislyak read my post and determined to eliminate the “patriots” immediately, by leveraging their influence with Flynn and Kushner, both of whom seem to have irregular financial ties with Russia. At any rate, that same day, a sudden, Soviet style purge of Trump’s team occurred.

NBC reports that “enior members of Trump’s inner circle — including his children Ivanka, Donald Jr. and Eric — gathered to pore over a roster of candidates for cabinet-level and transition jobs. The list, meticulously compiled and green-lighted by transition chief Gov. Chris Christie, Trump loyalist Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama and Sessions’ chief of staff, Rick Dearborn, was ready for signoff by Trump’s team before presentation to the newly elected president.”

Flynn and Keith Kellog were uninvited, but crashed the group and proceeded to purge the list, “with Flynn bearing instructions from Trump’s son-in-law and consigliore, Jared Kushner, to exercise veto power over all national security decisions.”

At this point, Flynn crossed out the name of General James Mattis among other proven US patriots as well as of New Jersey governor Chris Christie.

“Flynn, a former director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, crossed out a spate of candidates for national security and intelligence positions, including retired Marine General Peter Pace, retired Admiral William McRaven, retired Marine General James Mattis and former House Intelligence chairman Mike Rogers. All had been supported by Sessions and Christie.”


The day after the meeting, Trump’s campaign formally announced that Vice President-elect Mike Pence would replace Christie as the head of the transition team.

In the following days, the core of Trump’s new administration took place. Steve Bannon, the Breitbart editor, funded by a a hedge fund billionaires with ties to Russia, as well as Kushner, also under scrutiny by Deutsche Bank, for doubtful loans from Russia, filled the power vaccuum.

Jared Kushner met Kislyak together with Flynn in secret at least once in December, it emerged today, but there may have been other meetings.

Kislyak had achieved his goal, it seems. His puppets were installed in the heart of the White House. It may be that the frequent contact between Kislyak and Kushner at that time was just a coincidence.

The question is for what purpose?

Part two next


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