After apparently building a network of operatives and spies deep inside Donald Trump’s circle  using financial leverage, such as loans or excessive payments for TV appearances, Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak may have used two members to oust Trump’s original transition team and cabinet picks.

As detailed in the previous post, Flynn and possibly Kushner were in frequent contact with Kislyak in November when the pair carried out a sudden and “Soviet style” purge of patriots from Trump’s future administration.

I allege, Kislyak, an arms control expert, was well aware that the original team consisted of competent patriots who would stand in the way of any plans to take down the USA, especially using bioterrorism.

New Jersey governor Chris Christie, for example, tapped for Vice President, had played a key role in introducing mandatory quarantines for travellers from Ebola affected areas in 2014 in violation of the Federal government’s policy, and had become sensitized to the bioterrorism and pandemic issue.

But Kislyak’s minions Flynn and Kushner did not just oust the original personnel. They changed the approach altogether, making a power grab through creating parallel structures and through firing off a succession of executive orders, which have significant security downsides for the USA.

The New York Times  reported that Christie’s detailed plan for the incoming administration, which was “in line with the kickoff strategies of previous Republican presidents,” was thrown in the trash.

“It was discarded — a senior Trump aide made a show of tossing it into a garbage can — for a strategy that prioritized the daily release of dramatic executive orders to put opponents on the defensive,” the newspaper reported.

In the confused chaos, the unelected Kushner, whose loans from Deutsche Bank have been examined for apparent irregular Russian financing, has emerged as a shadow state secretary, conducting US foreign policy.

Two of them executive orders, drafted according to the media by Bannon and Stephen Miller, an aide of Jeff Sessions, are especially worthy of scrutiny.

One order gave Steve Bannon the main say on the National Security Council while downgrading the US army and CIA.

Flynn and his picks also took up key functions on the body responsible for forging national security and foreign policy.

The NSC council officer in charge of WMD, nuclear, biological and chemical warfare, the area of expertise of Kislyak, is Andrea Hall.

Her official title is Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director for WMD Terrorism and Threat Reduction.

Andrea Hall is mentioned together with Geoffrey Pyatt as a recipient of classified US State Department cables in 2010 when both worked in Vienna.

She has also worked closely with Russia on WMD issues, and she may even has had personal contact with Kislyak, who attended US and Russian WMD working groups.

“From 2007-2010, Hall served in Vienna, Austria, as the senior advisor to the U.S. Ambassador to UN Organizations in Vienna (UNVIE). Prior to joining the U.S. government, Hall ran a nonproliferation working group between former Russian and U.S. officials out of Harvard University, worked at the RAND Corporation, and published several book chapters and articles on nuclear weapons, nonproliferation, and sanctions.”

The USA seems to have a significant gap  when it comes to intelligence on biological warfare and bioterrorism, and this may, in part, be due to Hall’s handling of the issue.

Bannon is the editor of Breitbart, a news outlet, funded by the Mercer family, whose hedge fund appears to have significant but opaque income from Russian sources.

Flynn received 40,000 dollars for an appearance on RT.

Another order instructs a wall to be built on the Mexico border out of existing Department of Homeland Security funds.

The DHS budget is about 40 billion dollars a year.

Some estimates suggest wall could cost 20 billion dollars over 3 years.

To meet the costs out of the DHS budget, would mean slashing about one fifth from current operations, significantly weakening domestic security, and opening the doors to nefarious activities.

The instruction that the wall must be funded by the DHS is mystifying since Trump is also about to rollout a trillion dollar infrastructure fund. The money for the wall could easily have come from there.

Bannon and his backer Rebekah Mercer have also played a prominent role in trying to pack the Pentagon, State Department and other bodies with their people, clashing with Trump’s cabinet picks.

In the event that the DHS did decide to reallocate say 7 billion dollars a year to build the wall, a Bannon, Kushner or ultimately, Kislyak minion, could end up being the functionary deciding where to make the cuts.

Cuts could, for example, be made strategically in water protection schemes or other biological warfare schemes should some one like Kislyak be planning a sudden, domestic bioterrorism act.

Kislyak, an arms control expert, may well be familiar with the new lab funded, and partly staffed, by a subdepartment of the US Department of Defense in Kazahkstan, researching deadly plagues.

“The Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) is an agency within the United States Department of Defense and is the official Combat Support Agency for countering weapons of mass destruction (chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and high explosives).

Another 15% of the workforce are stationed in Germany, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Ukraine, Armenia, Kenya, South Korea, Japan, and Singapore. DTRA also has liaisons with all of the U.S. military’s Combatant Commands, the National Guard Bureau, the FBI and other U.S. government interagency partners.

This high tech bubonic plague lab seems to have come online in July 2016.

Around this time, a  boy became infected with the bubonic plague in the Altai Mountains in Kazahkstan, sparking a massive scare.

And around this time, a Russian TV crew came to Larisa to interview me on biological warfare and hear my views on the plague and the FBI etc…

More soon on whether Kislyak seems to be working for Russia’s private central bank faction or the Putin faction or both factions.

And on the possible role of plague in eliminating populations in the USA, China and the eurozone as financial collapse approaches.

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